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Albertingk Boley launched a new renewable polyol

high load use of alberting instruments and equipment. K Boley launched a new renewable polyol

April 8, 2018

[China coating information]

albertingk Boley launched a new polymer polyol for the second generation packaging coating with light stability and zero VOC. The material is called albodur 1055. The company said that when formulated with aliphatic diisocyanate, it has better UV stability than other decorative combination systems

according to the company, renewable vegetable oil can be used to make this polyol

the material can be removed by external force to produce light resistant coating, and can withstand QUV B ultraviolet irradiation for more than 1000 hours

in addition, it is not easy to get wet and its color is very white. It can be used alone or mixed with diisocyanate

finally, due to the polymer nature of the material, the amount of isocyanate in the system can be reduced without affecting the processability or the mechanical properties of the finished coating. 3 Plug in the power plug of the experimental machine and computer; Press the power on button on the computer to turn on the computer

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