China's first broadband newspaper launched today

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China's first broadband newspaper today launched

it is reported that the broadband morning paper is more advanced than the paper newspaper, including that readers can change the size of the newspaper text as needed and print at will. Moreover, due to the saving of delivery time, the arrival time of the newspaper is earlier. In addition, because this system takes the broadband network as the carrier, the future broadband morning post can also provide readers with audio services and oil source maintenance: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source, and provide video services

the broadband morning post is that the Beijing Morning Post sends the digital signal of the newspaper to the ISP server and then to the computer of the users in the community through the broadband. The readers can read the newspaper printed and published on the same day by using the special browsing software. The determination of the viscosity of architectural coatings by stomer viscometer method GB 9269 (8). These digital signals include all the information in the newspaper, such as article, title, picture, layout, color, etc., which are exactly the same as the newspaper information

it is understood that at present, only Japan's Sankei has started the trial operation of broadband newspapers in mid May and officially launched in August

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