5000W digital variable frequency generator for the

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5000W digital variable frequency generator for RV with refrigerator

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5000W digital variable frequency generator for RV with refrigerator (daze power toyoti) Product No. to6000i brand daze power frequency 50Hz overload protection device has rated output 5kW maximum output 5.5kW net weight 68kg rated voltage 220V phase number single-phase DC output 12V8.3A noise level dB rated current 8.3A starting mode electric starting engine mode four stroke engine model to180 (toyoti) daze power oil tank 1 can operate it 5L insulation class F current circuit breaker has fuel type 2 Speed revision of electronic universal testing machine: No. 90 gasoline with continuous working time of 6h (full load) certification ce/gs/epa/carb/eu/etl after-sales warranty for one year fuel Model No. 90 gasoline with manual starting | electric starting brand daze power size 820*650*750mm

daze 5000W digital variable frequency gasoline generator uses sine wave power generation, and the generated voltage is as stable as the municipal power, Portable digital frequency conversion gasoline generator is suitable for field tourism. Digital frequency conversion is the best for some confidential instruments. Ordinary gasoline generator is easy to burn out the equipment for general confidential equipment. The voltage generated by digital frequency conversion gasoline generator is the same as that of municipal power, which will never affect the use of your equipment. Digital variable frequency generator automatic variable frequency generator has a series of advantages, such as very precise and stable power generation, ultra-small volume, ultra-small weight, ultra-low fuel consumption, portable, four stroke pure gasoline generator, ultra-low displacement, etc. it is a high-end digital product among generator products, The generated current is more stable than the household mains power (7000 KVA of household mains power and 3000 KVA of daze digital variable frequency generator, with very small fluctuation and stable performance). It is the first choice for driving some precision instruments, field vehicle charging time travel, mountaineering camping and outdoor portable power users

after sales service:

1. All the machines sold by the company shall be debugged and trained for their operators to use.

2. The machines sold shall enjoy one year of free maintenance and repair service from the date of sale (except for normal wear and tear parts)

3. Provide long-term spare parts and maintenance services after the warranty period

[company name]: brand of Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd. - Daze power

[contact]: Sungong (Manager)

[sales]: (tel/Landline): () sundengkai520 landline:

[email]: (e-mail) [email protected]

[exhibition hall address]: (office add) No. 818, Yecheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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[this is certainly an effective after-sales service]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty is one-year lifelong maintenance of the national joint warranty

[reasons for recommendation]: excellent quality, low fuel consumption, simple operation, considerate service, the best choice for construction, emergency and standby

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