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How to decorate the spire living room? For most houses, the spatial shape of their rooms is regular, but a small number of houses have spires. In this case, the owners are very confused. How should the spire living room be decorated? In fact, for a house with a spire structure, it depends on the specific situation, whether there is a thermal insulation layer on the top floor of the house, the starting position of the spire, whether it is suitable for attic, etc. Today, the editor of decoration network introduces how to decorate the spire living room

scheme 1: secondary segmentation space transformation

irregular spaces such as polygons and trapezoids often cause a sense of oppression to the owner. Therefore, if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in a limited space, you should first divide the space reasonably

when dividing the space, the whole should be divided into several functional areas, and the owner can use solid interfaces such as translucent glass, sofa, bar, cabinet to divide the space. For example, a row of low cabinets can be placed between the porch and the living room. This cabinet can realize “ Wall ” It can naturally separate the two spaces and store clothes, quilts and other daily necessities. If the space area is limited, the plants with bead curtain, bamboo curtain and thick leaves can also become divided “ Tools &rdquo

scheme 2: create a comfortable atmosphere by combining light sources

if the inclined house is equipped with a skylight, the light can create a more comfortable lighting effect for the room when it shines in from the skylight from top to bottom. Then, the furniture can be placed under the skylight. For example, a bed can be placed, but the bed surface should not be too high. Such a bed will not block the light, but also ensure that the owner can move freely when he gets up

if the roof of the living room is a spire, the owner may wish to install some spotlights on the roof. The soft light is best reflected on the four walls, and the house will not appear too empty and abrupt. If the roof is too low, a floor lamp can be arranged in the corner of the room, which can make the space brighter

scheme 3: skillfully use furniture to change home into Meiju

usually, there is at least one wall of steeple houses, attics and other house types, which is inclined, and the placement of furniture is limited. If the furniture is customized according to the actual space, the purpose of beauty and full use of space can be achieved

if the owner plans to transform the irregular room into a bedroom, a row of wardrobes can be installed under the inclined roof, and the storage problem can be easily solved. If you want to make a study, you can make a step bookshelf according to the height of the wall. The falling steps and the inclined wall can form a beautiful arc, and the space will become open. If the inclination of the roof is too large, you can consider installing the platform and transforming it into a leisure area. You can put a few cushions on the platform at will. It is also a pleasure to invite relatives and friends to drink tea and chat here

the above are three plans on how to decorate the spire living room collected by decoration network for you. I hope they can help you




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