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Foshan fengleiyi door industry Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy sliding doors, swing doors, broken bridge swing windows, narrow side doors, flat frame windows, sunshine rooms, etc

in recent years, doors and windows have changed from ordinary objects that can withstand the wind and rain for the house to "murderers"! The door and window glass suddenly fell from the high building and hit the passers-by in the

, causing deaths and injuries in people's sight. In order to be cheap for a while, you choose inferior doors and windows. Do you think you can buy cheap inferior doors and windows

a tragedy occurred in Building 8, phase 2, Fudi, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province. The female courier was hit by a falling window on the 21st floor and died

a mother in Longgang, Shenzhen, passed by a community downstairs with her 3-year-old daughter. A whole window suddenly fell from high altitude and directly hit the little girl's head, causing serious head injury. The child was only 3 years old, and he was so badly injured that it made people feel anxious

there are many thrilling scenes and tragedies:

in a simple sentence, cheap is not good, good is not cheap; The security of life brought by doors and windows is more important than anything. Some enterprises that compete at low prices and engage in Jerry built activities in order to obtain customers are ultimately harmful to others and themselves

industry personnel summarized the key points that high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows should have:

1 Profile: the wall thickness of bridge broken aluminum window is generally more than 1.4mm

2 Insulation strip: PA66 nylon insulation strip is generally used for insulation strip

3 Glass: generally, double-layer tempered insulating glass is used

4 Hardware accessories: generally choose copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy


high quality hardware accessories are used.

fengleiyi doors and windows cooperates with international well-known door and window hardware accessories manufacturers such as hobo and silkiya in Germany, and imports German hardware accessories for a long time. German five gold accessories have the advantages of high precision, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and so on

and the thermal insulation strip is made of German tenor wind, which ensures the strength while ensuring the thermal insulation performance, and will not crack, so as to prevent the window sash from falling off


accessories made of stainless steel use 304 high grade

stainless steel has many grades, including 201, 304, etc., of which 304 stainless steel is the most widely used stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, while 201 is cheap but easy to rust and brittle

the hinges of fengleiyi doors and windows, movable parts of locks, fall ropes and other key stressed accessories are made of 304 stainless steel with sufficient thickness to ensure high corrosion resistance and strength, so as to prevent doors and windows from loosening and other phenomena


manufacturing of high-quality aluminum materials

the aluminum materials used for fengleiyi doors and windows are all extruded from A00 raw aluminum, and they are all from domestic well-known and powerful aluminum profile enterprises. All indicators of the aluminum profile in the door

window meet the 6063-T5 national aluminum alloy profile standard, ensuring high overall strength and good safety of the door and window


adopt 3C certified tempered glass

fengleiyi doors and windows are all automobile grade 3C certified tempered glass, with an impact resistance of up to 200 kg, which is not easy to break. Even if it is broken,

its glass will not hurt people


fengleiyi is a responsible enterprise

fengleiyi doors and windows adhere to the synchronization of quality and brand, maintain the order of the industry with a strong sense of social responsibility, and make contributions to the industry. Fengleiyi doors and windows was promoted

as the executive director unit of Guangdong door industry association, and was rated as "excellent brand of Guangdong doors and windows" for many consecutive years. Fengleiyi's contribution to the industry

is obvious to all, and has been unanimously praised by the industry


with the help of stars

Miss Li Caihua, a well-known film star in Hong Kong, speaks for fengleiyi doors and windows, and the brand image is extraordinary. Fengleiyi doors and windows resolutely maintains its brand image, and does not cut corners for temporary profits. She would rather explain for a while for high prices than apologize to customers for poor quality for a lifetime

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Feng Leiyi doors and windows

Foshan Feng Leiyi door industry Co., Ltd, Manufacturers of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy sliding doors, swing doors, broken bridge swing windows, narrow side doors, flat

frame windows, sunshine rooms, etc; The 10000 square meter production base, the spokesperson of the famous film and television star Li Caihua, the executive director unit of Guangdong door association, and more than 300 fengleiyi dealers are distributed in more than 30 provinces across the country





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