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The decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi's mixed style of two bedrooms and one living room has a building area of only 69 square meters. The original house type is one bedroom and one living room, but it has been cleverly transformed into two bedrooms and one living room by the owner. Although it seems a little crowded, it is absolutely practical! And this kind of crowded feeling also makes people feel quite happy. Come and see how others decorate the small apartment into an idyllic home

decoration owner files:

decoration community: Poly Lafite (more poly Lafite decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Jiangnan beauty decoration house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: mixed style contract amount: 100000

Design Description: like most owners, I was confused at the beginning of decoration, so I fumbled at the time of decoration. Now it looks like Mediterranean style, It's a bit like Korean style, mixed with European style and modern style. It's really a powerful hybrid style, but it feels very good

this is my restaurant. There is a shoe cabinet at the entrance, and the background wall and door are arched. The part of the restaurant originally wanted to make a shelf, but after thinking about it, it was made into the current background wall. I'm very satisfied

these are the two cabinets on the shelf on the wall. This room gives me the feeling that it can be installed especially. I feel that small rooms are generally decorated in this way. The first is that it looks very fashionable, the second is that it saves space, and the third is that it feels like a multi-function room, that is, it can be used as a study or a children's room. If there are too many guests at home, you can make do with it as a guest room

this is the picture of the smallest room. I made a shelf on the wall. In fact, there is a locker on the top, but the room is too small to take a panoramic view

I'm worried that the kitchen is not enough. I also set up a sink on the balcony of life, which is convenient for people to use when there are many people. When the weather is not hot, I'm going to seal up the living balcony and move the refrigerator to the balcony to save the occupation of kitchen space

[introduction to poly Raffi]: it is the chief humanities and art residential area developed by Poly Real estate. China Poly Group is a large central enterprise under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission. It is a diversified enterprise group spanning trade, real estate, culture, overseas and other sectors. Poly Group owns many national treasure level art palaces, such as Beijing Poly Theater, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shenzhen Poly Culture Square, and has created Qintai theater, an art holy land. As a poly real estate subordinate to Poly Group, Poly Real estate is the most qualified real estate enterprise in China to build art real estate

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