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Many insiders said that the whole customized furniture industry has ushered in major changes in the industry. The storage problem is not only the pain point of customers, but also the air outlet of customized furniture. Who can help customers find solutions to the storage system, and who will become the future leader of the industry

the longer you live in the house, the more things you add, and the more blocked your home is. Especially after the second child policy was liberalized, with the addition of new family members, the house obviously feels smaller and smaller. Family accommodation has become a pain point in modern family life

not only that, with the improvement of quality of life, basic practical functions and simple aesthetic appearance are far from meeting people's continuous pursuit of a better life. Space utilization, scientific storage and convenient access are not only a functional demand, but also the basic configuration of quality life, which brings subversive development opportunities to the customized home furnishing industry. In this regard, many insiders said that the entire customized furniture industry has ushered in major changes in the industry. The storage problem is not only the pain point of customers, but also the air outlet of customized furniture. Who can help customers find solutions to the storage system, and who will become the future leader of the industry

from an international perspective, directly hit the pain points of consumers

piano cabinets, based on 14 years of professional service and brand precipitation of customized furniture, keenly capture the storage pain points of the market, timely adjust the brand strategy, innovate and put forward the "nine fold storage", integrate the storage concept into the products, make it more in line with the living and household conditions of Chinese residents, and take the lead in establishing the storage related system, Become a leading enterprise in the customized home furnishing industry to define the new era

just now! Piano releases industry heavyweight! At the annual meeting of piano dealers on January 19, 2019, chairman malibin of piano and Italian designer Fabio? Buco signed the contract on site. The two sides plan to carry out in-depth cooperation around the whole house storage in 2019, work together to solve the storage pain of modern families and directly hit the pain points of consumers

piano and Italian designer Fabio? Buco super storage new product launch

conference site, Italian designer Fabio? Buke's favorite work - Super storage new product Ruina. At the new product appreciation meeting, Fabio? Mr. Buke made an in-depth explanation of Ruina from the aspects of design concept and functional demands. The new product was launched by both parties in cooperation. It not only has a grand appearance and a beautiful appearance, but also has connotation. In particular, it has a powerful storage function, which surprised the audience and won the praise of more than 800 dealers on the scene

Fabio? Mr. Buco is a well-known Italian designer. He has more than 30 years of experience in industrial design. His design concept is advanced and he is good at simple style. He has opened studios such as mododesign and has carried out project cooperation with well-known enterprises in the United States, Russia, Australia and China. This new product, Ruina, continues his design concept and style, especially the design concept of integrated appearance color matching and super storage, which coincides with piano's positioning of "nine storage", and the two sides reached a consensus

Fabio, a famous Italian designer? Buco's omni-directional interpretation of the "nine fold storage" has never been seen before. The report on the characteristics of the storage population points out that 85% of Chinese people do not understand space planning, 91% of them suffer from hoarding, 83% have more than 500 clothes in their wardrobe, and 75% waste a lot of storage space. At present, China's household storage system, which takes wardrobe, cabinet, porch cabinet, savings cabinet and other cabinets as the basic elements, has been widely criticized by consumers because of its many sizes, difficult to unify, over design, high cost and few categories of storage products

the industry is guided by the flashy design atmosphere, and often ignores the basic common sense of the living function of the house, which directly leads to the pain point of the user * core - storage, which cannot be effectively solved

since the release of the "nine fold storage" positioning, piano has launched super storage system products, defining nine storage standards through the three core values of space utilization, safe storage and convenience, and integrating the whole storage concept into space design, product design, process design, tool design and application, providing users with a better product experience and fully solving the problem of storage efficiency

piano's "nine fold storage" is not only a panoramic presentation of the storage function, but also a very in-depth study of space, technology and material applications, which can realize the collocation of different combined functions in different scenes, and truly make the storage deep. For example, the new product "Ruina" has achieved structural innovation in areas such as toilet sink cabinets, double-layer three-dimensional storage drawers, table top operation space, etc. in terms of space utilization, and added the use of standing tall cabinets, which can use the upper space of low-frequency use, and ensure safe storage by connecting pull baskets, small electrical appliances storage tall cabinets, door panel anti-collision strips, etc, The one button lifting electric hanging cabinet realizes intelligent convenience...

Piano's "nine fold storage" not only makes the best use of space, optimizes the cooking line in the kitchen, but also thoroughly solves the potential safety hazards in the use of the kitchen. The innovative design of piano's storage makes its new products highly recognized and appreciated by both inside and outside the industry as soon as they appear. The progressiveness concept of "nine storage" is also conducive to the development of the home furnishing industry

conclusion: "storage" is not only the need of consumers' exquisite life, but also a new path that can not be ignored for the development and innovation of home furnishing enterprises. Major home furnishing enterprises also have layout one after another. However, like piano, it is rare to innovate and put forward "nine fold storage" and dig deep into consumers' usage habits, use scientific research methods, take the lead in establishing a perfect storage system, and develop and store new standard products

piano's forward-looking concept of "nine layers of storage" and high-quality products are believed to bring new momentum to the development of the household industry with a new era of household lifestyle





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