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Although the porch occupies a small area in the room, it is used frequently and is the only place to enter and exit the house. In room decoration, people often attach the most importance to the decoration and layout of the living room and ignore the decoration of the porch. In fact, in the overall design of the room, the porch is the place that gives people the first impression and the "face" that reflects the cultural temperament of the host

although the porch occupies a small area in the room, it is used frequently and is the only place to enter and exit the house. In room decoration, people often attach the most importance to the decoration and layout of the living room and ignore the decoration of the porch. In fact, in the overall design of the room, the porch is the place that gives people the first impression and reflects the cultural temperament of the host “ Face &rdquo

in modern decoration, the porch pays attention to the creation of practicality and atmosphere, which reflects the cultural taste and personality of the host of the room. So, how “ Fine &rdquo& ldquo; Qiao ” Combination has become the key and intention to create this atmosphere. The design of the porch must be concise and lively, and the combination of point, line and surface must be achieved, and the red tape must be avoided by all means

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1. The concealing effect of the porch

the living room is a place for daily gatherings of all sizes and is the activity center of the family, so it should not be too exposed. In today's house type design, many people can see the interior clearly when standing outside the door, lacking privacy. Therefore, the existence of the porch is very necessary. In other words, there should be a buffer space after entering the door, with a screen similar to the shadow wall, so that the line of sight outside the door can not be really seen, and at the same time, the breath in the home will not leak out

the porch is the buffer zone between the gate and the living room, which plays a basic role of concealment. In the living room, you will feel a great increase in security, and Tongjin is not afraid of privacy exposure. If the gate faces northwest or due north and is often attacked by cold wind in winter, the porch is more needed for shelter. Houses close to the ground are often easy to be penetrated by strong winds and sand dust outside. Setting a porch can prevent wind and dust, and keep the interior warm and clean

2. Create a porch

the porch also has certain functions to be measured. Generally, the ceiling should not be too high. The ceiling part should be relatively low, and the height size should be between 2, 5-2, 57 meters and 2, 62-2, 65 meters, or a higher range of 2, 7-2, 76 meters, so that the height of the home is relatively staggered; Downlights can be embedded in the center of the ceiling to make the porch bright. The facade of the porch can also be inlaid with a mirror, and the instruments can be sorted out when entering the door; The side facade of the porch should be furnishings such as shoe cabinets, clothes hooks and cupboards, which are convenient for changing clothes and shoes. Other forms of closets or furniture may also be designed according to the actual situation and family needs

3. Key points of porch design

(1) the ceiling should be placed high rather than low

if the ceiling on the top of the porch is too low, there will be a sense of oppression, which is a bad omen, symbolizing that the family is oppressed and it is difficult to get ahead. If the ceiling is high, the air circulation in the porch is more comfortable, which is also of great benefit to the air transportation of the house

(2) the color tone should be light rather than heavy

if the color of the ceiling is deeper than the floor, the design of top heavy and bottom light is not only aesthetic, but also symbolizes the disorder of young and old, and the discord between the top and bottom. The color of the ceiling should be lighter than the floor, light at the top and heavy at the bottom, which is a reasonable pattern

(3) the lamp should be square and round rather than triangle

some people like to install several downlights or spotlights on the top of the porch for lighting, but avoid arranging the lamps into triangles, and it is best to arrange them into square or round, symbolizing squareness, stability and reunion

(4) the wall partition should be solid at the bottom and empty at the top.

the lower half of the porch should be based on brick walls or wood boards, solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best to be transparent without leakage. It is recommended to use frosted glass, which is both beautiful and practical

(5) the color of the compartment must be moderate

the color of the wall compartment of the porch should not be too dark to avoid dim tone and vitality. The most ideal color combination is: the ceiling color is the lightest, the floor color is the deepest, and the wall color is between the two, as the harmony and transition between the top and bottom

(6) the walls should be smooth.

the porch is the main access to the house, and the smooth walls and floors make the air flow unobstructed. If you decorate with protruding stones and make them uneven, there will be many obstacles to house transportation, which must be avoided as far as possible

(7) the floor should be flat

the flat floor can make the house transportation smooth, and can also avoid falling. At the same time, the floor of the porch should be kept as horizontal as possible, and there should be no distinction between high and low

(8) the patterns of the porch floor should not have sharp corners to rush the door

the patterns of the porch floor are various, so we should choose the inner space with auspicious meanings, and we must avoid those patterns with many sharp corners, and never rush the door with sharp corners

(9) the floor of the porch should not be too smooth

if the floor of the porch is very smooth, it is not ideal from the perspective of home safety, because it is easy for guests to slip and get injured. The underground drainage pipe should not cross between the gate and the porch, so as to avoid being polluted in the porch during the internal and external communication of wealth and water, which will lead to poor health of the family and poor financial path

(10) set up a shoe cabinet

it is logical to place a shoe cabinet in the hallway. It is convenient for both hosts and guests to change shoes here. Attention should be paid to placing shoe cabinets in the porch

① the shoe cabinet should not be too high, and the height of the shoe cabinet should not exceed the height of the head of household

② the area of shoe cabinet should be small rather than large, short rather than high, and shoes should be hidden rather than exposed

③ the shoe cabinet must try to reduce the peculiar smell, otherwise if the peculiar smell spreads around, there is no good feng shui at all

④ the toe should be upward rather than downward. When placing shoes, the toe must be upward, which means rising step by step

⑤ the shoe cabinet should be on the side rather than in the middle. Although the shoe cabinet is practical, it is difficult to be rough and elegant. It should be on the side rather than in the middle, which means that the shoe cabinet should not be placed in the middle position. It is best to move it to both sides and leave the focus of the center

4. Porch decoration

(1) layout of plants

the porch is the first area that visitors see when entering the room. The plants placed here have a vital impact on the appearance and image of the whole family. With the decoration of light, many large plants, trees and potted orchids in full bloom are suitable for the porch. Porch and living room can consider furnishing plants of the same kind, so that people can visually form a kind of integrity and interoperability

it must be noted that the plants placed in the porch should be mainly evergreen foliage plants, such as iron tree, fortune tree, Pueraria lobata and foliage banyan. Thorny plants such as cactus, rose and azalea should not be placed in the porch, and the porch plants must remain evergreen. If there is withered and yellow, they should be replaced as soon as possible

when the porch is located in the northeast, white should be the main color tone, and white flowers are also the best decorative flowers. Photos or decorative white flowers can also be the finishing touch. Placing a pot of red flowers on the shoe cabinet at the entrance can bring good luck to the family. Yellow flowers are conducive to love, orange flowers are conducive to travel, and pink flowers are conducive to interpersonal relationships

(2) choice of ornaments

in many ancient buildings, we can find that the ancients liked to place powerful and spiritual beasts such as lions and unicorns at the door of the house as the guardian God of the house. If a lion or unicorn is placed outside the modern house, it will often be subject to many restrictions, but if it is placed in the porch, it can also protect the house at the gate

many people like to place handicrafts in the shape of guest animals in the porch, but they should not conflict with the zodiac of the head of household

(3) installation of porch lens

installing the mirror in the porch can be used to sort out the instruments when entering and leaving, which can make the space appear wider and brighter. However, the mirror cannot be aligned with the door, and it is not suitable to post lenses on the top of the porch. If you enter the door, you can see your reflection when you move your head, and you will feel that the universe is upside down under your head and feet

5. Beautifying elements of the porch

(1) bright

the porch should be bright rather than dark. Except for the use of relatively transparent frosted glass, the color of wood floors, floor tiles or carpets should not be too dark. If there is no outdoor natural light at Xuantou, indoor light should be used to remedy it, such as installing a permanent light

(2) transparent

the partition of the porch should be mainly transparent, so transparent frosted glass is better than thick wood. Even if wood must be used, it should also use a color system with brighter hue

(3) moderate

the spacing of the porch should not be too high or too low. It should be moderate, and the height of 2 meters is the most appropriate. If there is a sense of oppression in the porch, it is too low and ineffective, which is inappropriate in terms of Feng Shui and design

(4) tidy

the porch should be kept clean and refreshing. If too many sundries are piled into the porch, it will make the porch disordered and affect the mood of residents and visitors

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