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Industrial textiles: the Chinese manufacturing technology of fast-moving consumer goods is mature. The products at the 9th China International Industrial Textiles and nonwovens exhibition cover many fields, such as agriculture, environmental protection, construction, industry, packaging, clothing, household use, medical treatment, protection, geotechnical engineering, transportation and sports. Some even involve national defense, aerospace and military applications. They are raw materials for many other industries

the traditional industrial textiles exhibited in this exhibition, such as medical masks, disposable surgical clothes, wet wipes, diapers, etc., are mainly manifested in: paying attention to design and packaging, improving the quality control in the manufacturing process, and the product types and performance are developing in the direction of 1. High technology, functionality, health care, diversity and green environmental protection before utilization. Similarly, many enterprises launched a variety of new products in this exhibition

Meiya nonwoven textile industry cloth technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. has developed the spunbonded and melt blown technology of environmental friendly biopolymers using polylactic acid chips, and also produced nano fiber films through electrospinning and spraying technology, which can produce ultra-fine fibers with a diameter of 50~800 nm. The company and the University of British Columbia in Canada have jointly developed a unique nano fiber membrane for filtering dust and purifying water quality. The composite cloth of this membrane can also be used to accumulate heat from air conditioners. Meiya company is a typical example of the industrialization of nonwoven products combined with high technology, and it is the main trend of China's Nonwoven Industry in the future

Henan piao'an High Tech Co., Ltd. has developed high-tech products such as pure cotton spunlace, polylactic acid nonwovens and chitosan nonwovens. Its products have the characteristics of natural degradation, no chemical adhesive, effective barrier to bacteria and penetration, and no pollution

Fujian Xinhua Co., Ltd. exhibited its thermal-mat products with excellent mechanical and flame retardant properties, which are made of high-quality fire-resistant fiber and high-quality RPET fiber raw materials. Processed and produced by needling technology, it is suitable for Japanese high-grade car seat heating pad and German car seat heating pad. Using high-quality RPET fiber raw materials and reinforced by unique needling function, 168 middle floor products with excellent mechanical properties, folding resistance and air permeability, as well as PK wear-resistant cloth with various functional fibers

Hangzhou nuoban nonwoven Co., Ltd. has developed a series of new spunlaced nonwovens. The large shutter electrostatic cloth made of 100% polyester has super electrostatic effect, can effectively absorb dust particles, and has excellent vertical and horizontal tension; With natural wood pulp paper and polyester as raw materials, the company's high-quality and characteristic products have established a good reputation in the global spunlaced nonwovens industry

the inflatable and membrane materials produced by Shanghai Shenda Kebao new materials Co., Ltd. are also the representatives of new products in this exhibition. Kebao fabric is well-known for its convincing high strength and durability. It can be used to produce boats and lifeboats for leisure or emergencies, inflatable products such as bouncing castles, camping tents, swimming pools and coverings, and sports mattresses. It can also be used in leisure parks and other entertainment places. It can be used as a building membrane structure material. It is designed according to European DIN standards. It is mainly used to make canopy cloth Tarpaulin cloth and membrane structure cloth

Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory, Tiantai global screen Co., Ltd., Wilke Industrial Textile Co., Ltd., Shandong Aobo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises can provide a variety of non-woven and woven anti-static, water and oil repellent, high temperature resistant, microporous and other filter bags. Summarizing the development trend of filtration products in most enterprises is to develop filtration products from medium temperature to high temperature, so as to be applicable to power plants, cement, steel, iron making, asphalt, high-temperature chemical industry and other fields, especially ultra-high temperature, coating, membrane and other filtration materials, which is our main direction in the future

among the special fabrics, in addition to geosynthetics, Boyou flooring materials Co., Ltd., Huzhou Jihe packaging products Co., Ltd., Scarlett environmental protection materials technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang mingshida warp knitting coating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haibo Membrane Structure Co., Ltd. and many companies in Haining exhibited agricultural, packaging, construction, carpet base cloth, waterproof coiled materials, air tight materials, inflatable materials, canopy materials Special luggage materials, labor protection clothing materials, 2 It can set the puncture duration, speed, biogas digester materials and sports floor materials

elmarco and Oerlikon Neumag have taken the lead in the cooperative research and development of high-efficiency materials. Together with avgol, a melt spinning fabric manufacturer, they have developed filter media by using nano fiber technology to form a 5-layer composite structure that is fully suitable for the needs of sound insulation. It has the characteristics of small material volume, light weight and easy recovery of production investment

the non-woven sound-absorbing material sawasorb exterior of Sandler Ag in Germany is composed of 100% polyester, which is light and recyclable, and is suitable for various parts of automobiles. The material is water and oil repellent, and has high temperature resistance and low flammability. It is suitable for areas exposed to extreme climatic conditions (high heat and high humidity). Whether it is used as wheel housing liner, body liner or engine compartment sound-absorbing material, it can replace the multi-layer complex structure currently applied in these areas. Due to its fiber structure and high surface adhesion, the material can be processed into molded and die-cut parts without adding additional film. As the material is completely free of adhesive, there are no adverse reactions and side effects caused by atomization, volatilization and odor

technical absorbents mainly manufactures oasis super absorbent fibers, which are made into pools and composite fabrics to provide appropriate moisture for plants, seeds and lawns, and can be used for commercial and household purposes. At present, the company has developed geotextiles containing saf, which are used in civil installation, tunnels, rainwater storage facilities and geotechnical buildings that need to take waterproof measures. This kind of fabric is easy to manufacture and handle, with less leakage and loss, faster absorption speed and blocking rate

domestic enterprises have done a relatively mature job in non-woven products, especially environmental protection shopping bags, storage boxes, wet towel rolls, and sent faxes or emails to SAMPE Beijing Branch FMCG before April 15, 2014. However, in some functional products, foreign enterprises still seize the market, such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers and wipes. They mainly develop new products from new raw materials and finishing technology. For some high-tech products, foreign technology is relatively advanced, and domestic enterprises rely on foreign research institutions to complete

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