China's most popular boycott of recycled plastics

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Is China missing business opportunities by resisting the entry of recycled plastics into the market

China resists the entry of recycled plastics into the domestic market, which is called the "sword of protecting the country" with a large output of 70million tons/year. A recycling and environmental protection expert believes that China's move may provide business opportunities for the United States or other western countries

huangchuqi, executive chairman of China Association of waste plastics, believes that the purpose of "protecting the country by not using it according to the user manual" in China is to more strictly control the entry of recycled wastes into the Chinese market, which is closely related to material processors and manufacturers using recycled plastics

"there are many manufacturing industries that still need to recycle materials, so I think many manufacturers will come here (in the United States) to obtain materials from the source." Huang changed the industrial pattern of titanium dioxide industry dominated by sulfuric acid method. President Huang said at the re|focus sustainable development and recycling summit held in Orlando recently

Chairman Huang is also the chairman of Hong Kong Bogot Tongmei Co., Ltd. The enterprise is an international plastic recycling enterprise operating in Malaysia and Vietnam. The enterprise previously owned a recycle bin in the United States. Because of the promulgation of the "sword of protecting the country", the enterprise now plans to re-establish a recycle bin in the United States. "We are also looking for the right place and the right people to recycle plastic, and the countries with more mature Meiqi theory just have this policy." President Huang emphasized

"sword of protecting the country" is the second policy that has attracted attention in recent years. The policy urges the industry to pay more attention to the entry of recycled materials into the Chinese market. In recent years, China is also trying to reduce the import of low-quality materials. Rumors about the "sword of protecting the country" have been circulating since the beginning of 2017, so there are different opinions on the final impact of the scheme. Some people believe that the measure is aimed at resisting the import of plastic waste

the "sword of protecting the country" is similar to the "hedge action" proposed by the Chinese government in 2013. "Operation hedgerow" also tries to improve the recycling standards for waste materials entering China. This measure enables domestic recyclers to find higher quality processed plastics. Finally, recycling and environmental protection experts pointed out that the "hedge action" would help strengthen the development of the plastic recycling industry in the United States

president Huang believes that the "sword of protecting the country" and the "hedgerow action" are similar. "This may be an opportunity for us waste recyclers." At the re|focus summit organized by the plastic industry association in Washington, president Huang said, "China's' sword of protecting the country 'initiative may also promote waste recycling opportunities to other Asian countries, but its feasibility remains to be proved."

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