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China's glass fiber products have been subject to anti-dumping in a row. On the 18th, China's glass fiber announced that its products had been subject to anti-dumping from India after the European Union. The same as the previous time, the anti-dumping investigation complaints on glass fiber products are all against products from China

according to the announcement, the enterprises involved in the two appeals include Jushi Group Co., Ltd., a Chinese glass fiber holding subsidiary that plans to invest 15.1 billion yuan annually. In 2008, Jushi group exported about US $13.94 million of glass fiber products to India, accounting for about 2.4% of the company's operating revenue. In 2008, Jushi group exported about USD 54.8 million of glass fiber products to the EU, accounting for about 9.6% of the company's operating revenue

a staff member surnamed Xiao of China Fiberglass said that although the company has also encountered anti-dumping before, there is no data and documents to predict the anti-dumping tax rate that can be determined by the Indian universal experimental motor tensile machine to stretch, zigzag, tighten or puncture the plastic spline at a controlled speed. According to a European Commission document disclosed by Dow Jones newswires, if the European Commission finally supports the complaint, Chinese manufacturers may face anti-dumping duties as high as 40%-75%

according to the data, Jushi group has a glass fiber production capacity of about 900000 tons, including three glass fiber production bases in Tongxiang, Zhejiang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi and Chengdu, Sichuan. At present, its scale ranks first in China and second in the world. The group's strategic plan is to reach 1.5 million tons of glass fiber production capacity by 2012, and strive to reach 25% of the world's total glass fiber production capacity. China has become the largest country of glass fiber

tiandonghong, a researcher of CSC, mentioned in his report that Jushi group has the lowest cost among international and domestic glass fiber enterprises. Jushi group successfully tested the new formula in the second quarter of 2009, which has strong competitiveness and improved the performance of various indicators of the product. The emission reduction will reach 60%, and the direct material cost will be reduced by more than double digits after the application of new technologies. This product will be used in all kilns in about a year and a half. Jushi group can basically achieve the goal of saving 400million yuan in operating costs in 2009. p>

zuguangping, a researcher at nichin securities, said that since the U.S. tire warranty case last year, due to the impact of the economic depression, anti-dumping investigations against Chinese products have emerged one after another. This is actually a strategy to seek exports for the domestic economy. It is not surprising that China's glass fiber industry has encountered anti-dumping. It is reported that Chongqing International composite materials Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Yuntianhua, has a large capacity in the glass fiber industry, with an annual output of 300000 tons of alkali free glass fiber. The glass fiber capacity ranks second in the country, and the export proportion is small. The smaller ones include Sinoma technology and Jiuding new material, which have little impact

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