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Have eyes + have brains: does China's intelligent robot "have a chance"

"a robot without either a perception system or a smart operating system should be severely disabled, and this is its current situation." At the world robot conference being held in Beijing, qudaokui, President of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the industry, raised great concern

traditional robots have reached the era of low added value in technology, and the turning point of upgrading has come. At the key turning point of the robot industry, Durethan Akv 50 h2.0 is a glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 material with a glass fiber content of 50%. In addition to having a dexterous hand and a body that can withstand harsh environments, what are the new opportunities for the robot industry? Will China have the opportunity to break out of the robot power that currently monopolizes key technologies in the industry

through the growing Chinese robot enterprises, we capture the rising "Chinese opportunities" in the future robot industry from the world robot Conference - intelligent robots with eyes and brains

"is it human to have perception and judgment?"

in the west, robots were originally called "Automata" or "self-control machine", and the word "robot" from the Czech word "Robota" has the meaning of slave. However, the Chinese have given it a very human name - "robot", which is not only a creative printer interface in language, but also a beautiful expectation

"since it is not called a machine, but a robot, it must have brains and eyes to be called 'human'?" At the exhibition site of the world robot conference, wangdajiang, sales manager of Harbin Xingjian intelligent robot Co., Ltd., said

he particularly agrees with the view that traditional robots have "serious disabilities", and even in this case, China's robot industry is still doing more integrated application of key technologies, and its independent ability in core technologies such as reducer and motor is very limited

"however, in the fields of intelligent robots, especially vision and intelligent analysis, the start and progress of China's robot industry is almost the same as that of its international counterparts, and there is even hope to catch up." Wangdajiang said that at the world robot conference and other international exhibitions, the "walking robot" that can see and make judgments has attracted the attention of international peers such as Germany and Japan, and international agents have expressed interest

the robot he described, which can see and judge the prepreg used for precise processing at higher working temperature, also appeared in the exhibition. Among the many cool exhibitors who can speak, display and walk on the data board, this "robot" called the welding and cutting demonstration workstation looks not only huge, but also completely unable to see the "human type", and even people may mistakenly think that it is a large mechanical processing equipment that accidentally intrudes into the robot exhibition. Is this also a robot

"don't judge people by their appearance! This is a robot with two eyes and is very flexible." Wangdajiang said that this equipment is used to weld the "lifting lugs" on large land drilling rigs. Each equipment can complete the workload of fiveorsix welding workers, so that workers can avoid the heat and high-intensity continuous work

more importantly, it can not only intelligently see and align each "lifting lug" to be machined on the working platform for welding. For parts that are not identical to each other, this "robot with eyes and brain can intelligently adjust itself to make adaptive operations."

its ability is very necessary for the processing of large-scale engineering projects - not every part waiting to be processed can be precisely accurate, while the lack of flexibility and judgment of traditional robots greatly limits the scope of application

in addition to its application on large-scale drilling platforms, Xingjian robot has made contributions to many major projects in China through the production of intelligent welding robots - intelligent robots have made contributions to large-diameter hole cutting in national defense projects, large-scale curved panel cutting in China's third-generation nuclear power equipment, and hull component cutting and welding in Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding Company

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