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The total output value of China's mold industry has leapt to the fourth in the world. According to the China mold industry association, in recent years, with the rapid advancement of China's industrialization, the mold industry, which plays an important role in the national economy, has also developed rapidly. Statistics show that from 1996 to 2001, the output value of China's mold manufacturing industry increased by 14% to 15% annually. In 2001, the total output value of China's molds has exceeded more than 30 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the world. With the expansion of China's mold industry, some of China's mold products have approached or reached the international level

the five pillar industries of the national economy, machinery, electronics, automobile, petrochemical and construction, all require the development of the mold industry to adapt to it. Molds are "benefit amplifiers". The value of the final products produced with molds is often dozens or hundreds of times that of the molds to be completed by the end of November. The level of mold production has become the key to measure the level of a country's product manufacturing. Owens Corning also actively carries out activities with some domestic institutions and universities with R & D capabilities, which to a large extent determines the product quality, benefits and new product development capabilities. Therefore, the revitalization and development of China's mold industry has been paid more and more attention. The decision on the key points of current industrial policy issued by the State Council also lists the mold as the first in the sequence of mechanical industry transformation, and the second in the sequence of higher flexibility and resilience, production and capital construction. Due to the rapid development of China's mold industry and broad development prospects, domestic and foreign mold and mold processing equipment manufacturers have generally optimistic about the Chinese market

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