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Beijing Nankai gold supply chain digital management system case of your wheel company

China's automotive industry has entered a period of rapid development, driving the rapid development of the tire industry. Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as joint stock company, or Guilun company), as a key enterprise in China's tire industry, has invested and established an all

funded subsidiary - truck radial tire branch of Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as branch, or all steel workshop), which is committed to the development and production of all steel radial truck tires, and its business covers product development Production management (main processes include molding, vulcanization and inspection), warehouse management, sales and after-sales service

with the rapid development of the market, the all steel workshop is facing new development opportunities and increasingly strong challenges. It is urgent to constantly absorb advanced management concepts and methods, and use information technology to improve the level of operation and management to solve the development problems faced

1. Customers have higher and higher requirements for tire quality service, and quality claims have become an important issue in the all steel workshop, with the amount of claims reaching tens of millions of yuan every year. Moreover, due to the lack of necessary information technology means in the claim settlement process, the whole claim settlement process has many links, heavy workload and low efficiency

2. The quality cost remains high every year, and the quality problem has become a prominent problem in the all steel workshop. To solve this problem, both continuous improvement of quality management system and effective technical means are needed

3. At present, its stress is called the yield point (yield stress). According to the manual method, the information collected is limited, and the whole supply chain is like a gray belt, and the process is invisible. Moreover, a lot of manpower is spent in the process of information input, which distracts the energy of on-site production personnel

4. It is necessary to get through the business process management of the whole steel workshop, increase the transparency of management, monitor the management process of the whole process, achieve the unity of logistics, information flow and capital flow, reduce costs and improve management efficiency

II. Nankai gold's tire supply chain digital management system

1 Complete raw material batch management is realized, and the management of purchased parts, self-made parts and outsourced parts is supported

2. Through bar code and mobile computing technology, it realizes the functions of rapid raw material receipt, station distribution and stock preparation, inventory, stock transfer and so on, and has perfect warehouse location management function

3. BOM decomposition function is supported in raw material management. You can define BOM by yourself or connect with existing erp/pdm system BOM

4. Support the station distribution to the line side warehouse according to the Mo/order

5. On the production line, the hardware configuration can be flexibly carried out according to the situation of the station, so as to realize the related management of finished products - key parts

6. Rich statistical query functions facilitate the tracing and backtracking of product quality problems

III. basic functions of the system:

processing tires establishes contact with production orders, operating staff, machines, and processing time for product traceability; Record and count employee working hours and processing quantity, and support performance appraisal; Statistics of production completion; Record and count the equipment usage time and utilization rate. From the beginning of the forming process to the completion of product processing, semi-finished parts, semi-finished products and finished products are marked with bar codes, and there is still no breakthrough product code in the operator's job card and machine table sticker market

through bar code technology, we can track the process of products from production, inventory, sales and after-sales service, and get through the whole process of products from production to sales and after-sales service, so as to achieve the unity of logistics, information flow and capital flow

1 production plan

production tasks are recorded in the production plan phase; To query the production plan, you can query the completion degree of the plan, etc

2 vulcanization

accurate, timely and collect basic data in the production process; Real time control of vulcanization process logistics, production, personnel operation and equipment use in the production process; Provide the means of quality traceability and facilitate the dynamic and effective control of quality links

3 quality inspection

for each tire, record the whole process of each inspection process, including inspection items, equipment, personnel, time and other information; Check the employee's working hour records; Inspection equipment records; Statistics of inspection pass rate, apparent force value and scrap rate; Product quality traceability; Comprehensive statistical query and analysis of quality; It provides stronger supervision means for inspectors and strengthens their awareness

4 warehousing/outbound

with product sampling management; Warehousing management, warehousing LED display; Generate sales issue doc; Packaging verification; Delivery management, LED display of delivery; Inventory query; Automatic scanning in and out of the warehouse, recording the customer information of each tire sales (customer name, location); The quality can be traced to warehousing and delivery; Sales quantity statistics

5 quality tracking

for product quality problems, you can scan the product bar code to trace back to the delivery, warehousing, each production process, processing equipment, inspection links, and specific operators. The whole process of processing, delivery and sales becomes clear and transparent

IV. system implementation effect:

(1) track the process of products from production, inventory, sales and after-sales service through bar code technology, and get through the whole process of products from production to sales and after-sales service, so as to achieve the unity of logistics, information flow and capital flow

(2) change the original manual input process to achieve accurate, timely and fast data collection, avoid human input errors, and more importantly, make on-site production

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