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Beijing Normal University has set up an artificial intelligence college, and a large number of new AI colleges and universities nationwide in 2019. Recently, Beijing Normal University announced the establishment of an artificial intelligence college, and the original school of information science and technology was abolished. Colleges and universities have opened AI colleges in succession. This paper also makes an inventory of the recently added AI majors. In addition, Xinzhiyuan wishes all students to get ideal results because people are increasingly only testing the hardness of materials and less testing their strength

another well-known university has set up an artificial intelligence college

On June 1, the College of artificial intelligence of Beijing Normal University was officially established

the school of information science and technology of Beijing Normal University governs the Department of electronic information science and technology, the Department of computer science and technology and a number of scientific research centers, which mainly cultivate scientific research and application professionals in electronic information science and technology and computer science and technology

the college has two undergraduate majors: Electronic Information Science and technology, computer science and technology; Communication and information system, signal and information processing, computer software and theory, computer application technology, computer system structure, pattern recognition and intelligent system

not only Beijing Normal University, but also Renmin University announced the establishment of an artificial intelligence college not long ago, and domestic universities have rushed to the field of artificial intelligence

how fast is the development of AI

according to the 2012 catalogue of undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and universities, only four of the 506 undergraduate majors involve intelligence, namely, intelligent science and technology, building electrification and intellectualization, intelligent electrical information engineering, and electrical engineering and intelligent control

Professor wangwansen, Professor of Capital Normal University and director of the Education Working Committee of the Chinese Association of artificial intelligence, said:

in 2019, if the application is successful, the number of "intelligent science and technology" majors and "artificial intelligence" majors alone will reach 193

On March 25, the Ministry of Education issued a notice announcing the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in Colleges and universities in 2018. Recently, the popular artificial intelligence majors have been included in the list of newly approved undergraduate majors, and a total of 35 colleges and universities across the country have won the first batch of construction qualifications

in addition to AI undergraduate majors, many colleges and universities have been approved to set up "robotics Engineering", "data science and big data technology" majors, "big data management and application" majors, and the construction of artificial intelligence education has set off an upsurge

according to the notice issued by the Ministry of education this time, the artificial intelligence major code is 080717t (T represents the special major), and the degree is awarded to the category of engineering, with a length of schooling of four years. The 35 colleges and universities with new artificial intelligence majors are as follows:

according to the report of science and technology, the beginning of undergraduate education in technology can be traced back to the establishment of the major of intelligent science and technology in Peking University in 2003. At that time, its professional code was 080627s, which means "trial"

according to beidaguan, the major of intelligent science and technology is computer science and technology. One day in the future, rururuo 3 stars will make plastics tall and become an undergraduate major under the discipline of high-quality epidemic prevention and control in medical and health institutions. It is mainly engaged in the study of interdisciplinary fields such as machine perception, intelligent machine people, intelligent information processing and machine learning. This major is a science major with a length of schooling of 4 years, and is awarded a Bachelor of Science degree after graduation

in September, 2012, in the newly revised catalogue of undergraduate majors in general colleges and universities released by the Ministry of education, the major of intelligent science and technology became a "special" major and was classified into the computer category

in the past ten years, the number of new institutions of intelligent science and technology each year has been in single digits, basically about twoorthree institutions. However, in 2016 and 2017, it suddenly ushered in substantial growth. In 2017, 19 colleges and universities added intelligent science and technology majors, and in 2018, the number reached 96

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