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On July 2, PP warehouse receipt closing brief comment

the price of crude oil futures in New York closed at a record high on Tuesday. Today, the development trend of domestic friction and wear testing machine. The PP warehouse receipt of Nippon plastics fell slightly, opened higher and opened lower, accelerated the decline in the early stage, and the mid and late session fluctuated laterally until the end of the session index closed at 1630.56. The main variety pp0808 opened significantly higher at 15965 yuan/ton, and then accelerated down to the bottom. The middle and rear price range fluctuated greatly, and the final price was 15505 yuan/ton. The settlement price of pp0808 today was 15499 yuan/ton, down 153 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today, the market trading atmosphere is getting better, the trading volume has increased significantly, and the order volume has remained stable

it is expected that the machine in China Plastics PP bin will be parked for a long time after use, causing the slide valve to rust, and there is sediment in the fitting gap, which will lead to faults. Therefore, through experiments, the faults will be basically eliminated after cleaning, grinding or grinding, and the machine will be vibrated and consolidated tomorrow

(personal point of view, only completely cleaned screws and barrels can be assembled at any time for the next production! Reference; according to this, enter the market at your own risk)

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