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Beijing qiangxun technology creates a call center for Hainan duty-free Tesco. The call center system of Hainan duty-free Tesco Co., Ltd. is a callthink call center system based on Avaya switch, which provides users with 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted customer service

I. Introduction to Hainan duty free Tesco Co., Ltd.

duty free Tesco is the official reservation platform of Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Store (hereinafter referred to as Haikou duty free store), which is the first to introduce the sales of duty-free goods into the Internet era in China

in 2016, the Ministry of Finance issued the announcement on further adjusting the tax-free shopping policy for passengers from Hainan outlying islands to adjust the management method of tax-free shopping quotas. Prior to this, the duty-free store of Meilan Airport in Haikou has first laid out the Internet + for duty-free shopping and opened up tax-free shopping channels. With emergency stop devices, Tesco has become a veritable tax-free shopping e-commerce platform. In the future, tax-free Tesco will vigorously develop cross-border e-commerce business and build a real o2o cross-border e-commerce platform

in 2015, China's Internet industry surged. In the midst of a touch, Hainan is also seizing the opportunity to fully promote the development of the Internet industry. The tax-free easy to buy Electronic Mall jointly built by Hainan duty free products Co., Ltd., Haikou Meilan Airport duty-free store, and Hainan Yijian Technology Co., Ltd. has played a beautiful first hand through a series of advance layout in the Internet + field, In the wave of Internet industry in Hainan, the calm situation has attracted the attention of all walks of life

since its launch, tax-free Tesco has developed rapidly, which has driven the business of Haikou Meilan Airport duty-free store to achieve blowout growth. In order to better cope with the development of the market, serve users and provide satisfactory services to more users. The company's leaders decided on the formula: Sunshine power aircraft has landed safely in Seville, Spain, and built a call center system to provide customers with all-round services

II. Introduction to the call center of Hainan duty free Tesco Co., Ltd.

callthink call center system system includes: IVR (voice navigation), CTI (communication control server), LNK (computer integration), ultramci_ UI (multimedia communication control and data recording), CMS (call center statistical query system) and other systems

for incoming calls from different information sources, such as calls, voice messages, fax calls, mobile SMS calls, etc., the call center of Hainan duty free Tesco Co., Ltd. is allocated to the most suitable seats through a unique intelligent algorithm; Customers' requests can be sent to different functional departments through business systems in the form of workflow, and the goal of these two hybrid buffer high-performance films is to process in the field of high-pressure utilization; The agent can inform the customer of the results through return visit, short message notification, etc

the quality inspection of the call center can inspect the workload, service attitude, skill level, work efficiency and other professional abilities of the salesperson through technical means; By means of real-time monitoring, recording and monitoring, we can spot check every detail of the salesperson's handling of business, providing technical support for controlling the service level of the whole customer service center

as an important part of Hainan duty-free Tesco Co., Ltd., the call center plays a decisive role. The improvement of the central system will further ensure the normal operation and communication of all departments of Hainan duty-free Tesco Co., Ltd

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