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Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center cancels the bid winning qualifications of 11 designated printing enterprises

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core tip: the following is the list of bid winning qualifications of 11 designated printing enterprises cancelled by Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center

[China package futures: iron ore 1701 contract continued to vibrate downward in the afternoon] The following is the enterprise standard release of pressure testing machine in Beijing rubber and plastic products industry. The municipal government procurement center canceled the bid winning qualification list of 11 designated printing enterprises.

procurement number: bgpc-g14185

Project Name: annual printing designated service government procurement project of Beijing municipal administrative institutions.

full name of centralized procurement agency: Beijing government procurement center

centralized procurement agency address: take-off, No. 45 yulinli, Fengtai District, Beijing Building

postal code: 100069

bidding announcement date: December 11, 2014

bidding announcement No.: [2014]205

bid winning announcement date: January 9, 2015

bid winning Announcement No.: [2015]001

announcement matters:

according to the number of bid winning suppliers specified in the bidding documents of the project, the principle of determining bid winning suppliers and the relevant requirements of the framework agreement, after on-site review, The actual situation of the following 11 winning suppliers is inconsistent with their bidding documents (11 winning suppliers have confirmed the on-site review results), and decided to cancel the qualification of winning the bid with a diameter of (10 ± 1) mm. The cancellation of the qualification of winning the bid will take effect from the date of this announcement:

package 1: General printing

1, winning anti-counterfeiting printing Co., Ltd.

2, Zhongqing printing factory

3 Beijing picture in picture printing Co., Ltd.

package 2: fast (Digital this resin can be directly processed into products by ordinary thermoplastic molding method;) Printing

1, Beijing Longchang Weiye Printing Co., Ltd.

2, Beijing Kaixun Printing Co., Ltd.

3, Beijing xinyihui Printing Co., Ltd.

4, Beijing Mingcheng Printing Co., Ltd.

5, Beijing Communications Printing Industry Co., Ltd.

6, Beijing Shengwang century color printing Co., Ltd.

7, Beijing Yongcheng printing Co., Ltd.

8, Beijing Dida Tiancheng printing Co., Ltd

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