Beijing Shengshi Wanrun released two new binding t

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Beijing Shengshi Wanrun released two new binding technologies

at the 2005 printing and packaging technology information release and exhibition held recently, Beijing Shengshi Wanrun Technology Co., Ltd. released two new post press binding technologies, which were recognized and praised by the participants

I. new law bookbinding technology

new law bookbinding technology completely solves the problem of page loss of books and periodicals. Its binding intensity is higher than that of existing binding methods, and books and periodicals can be opened horizontally better, and the effect is comparable to that of sewing binding. The thickness of books and periodicals is unlimited and suitable for any paper; This binding method also meets the needs of many special binding

the binding technology of books and periodicals in the new method can reach or even exceed the hardcover technology with paperback technology, which simplifies the process of hardcover books and greatly improves the production efficiency; Completely solve the phenomenon of page loss, reduce the scrap rate and reduce the production cost

the binding technology of new law books and periodicals is in rdquo; Folding is completed at the same time, without adding new processes, without affecting the existing gluing process, and without new technical training. It is suitable for different types of flat paper folding machines and different rotary machines, and is suitable for any hot gluing equipment; It is applicable to different types of production lines and can bring greater benefits to different types of factories

second, non-invasive indentation technology

now the packaging of books and periodicals is more and more exquisite, but when dealing with the indentation of the cover of books and periodicals, the fibers of the paper are often broken, and there is a phenomenon of "edge explosion", so that the beauty of books and periodicals is greatly discounted. The non-invasive indentation technology adopts a special flexible pressing ring, which strictly stretches and controls the material fibers to prevent fracture, and 100% eliminates the phenomenon of "fiber cracking" (edge burst), even for film coated materials. For a given material, regardless of the ink coverage, it can easily and accurately control the folding pressure and the folding method. Compared with other folding processes, the indentation can be deeper, ensuring that the folding effect is more perfect when the low-temperature box exceeds 55 ℃. And it can meet different requirements in multiple ways to ensure that their survival and health indentation are completed at the same time, so as to meet the needs of various products faster and better

this product uses high-quality raw materials, and the service life of each pressing ring exceeds 1.000.000 times. The operation is simple, and the accessories can be disassembled flexibly to meet the requirements of different products; Applicable to domestic and imported equipment. At present, Heidelberg, Germany, has purchased more than 3.000 sets, and currently 10.000 users worldwide are using this technology

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