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Stepping Technology Beijing office laboratory was officially established

recently, the laboratory of stepping Technology Beijing office was officially completed and has begun its daily operation

due to the increasing number of customers in North China, many customers, including agents, want to know more about the various functions of Kinco and eview products. At the same time, some experiments and tests also need more standardized and professional operations. In addition, we are also willing to demonstrate the new functions of the products to customers at the first time, Therefore, this platform integrating experiment and display was built

we installed the touch screen of eview brand, the servo and stepping system of Kinco series and the PLC of Kinco series on the new platform. According to the needs of on-site service, the working mode of customer displacement accuracy can be simulated as much as possible, and more important reference data can be obtained through repeated tests on the experimental platform, so as to master more detailed statistical data for better on-site service

with the continuous efforts of the company's R & D department, eview brand touch screens continue to launch new products. Compared with 500 series touch screens, 5000 series touch screens have made many new attempts in image quality and function. In order to better introduce and promote to customers and agents, the laboratory is also equipped with some demo programs to show these new functions

the Beijing office laboratory is the second laboratory after the Shenzhen headquarters laboratory. The current scale is not very large, but with the development of product 20, the host weight: 1250kg; With the continuous increase of types and functions, it is believed that the scale of the laboratory will gradually expand and undertake more missions. With the successful precedents of Shenzhen and Beijing, setting a target temperature and humidity point, the laboratory of Shanghai branch is also being built. I believe that more regions will gradually build their own laboratory platforms to better serve our customers

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