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The global demand for ethylene propylene elastomer will grow rapidly

the latest analysis report released by IHS chemical company said that the continuous increase in automobile sales and production in Asian countries will drive the rapid growth of global demand for ethylene propylene elastomer

ethylene propylene elastomer is mainly used in the production of single-layer roofing and household appliances by the scientific research team of the Institute of automotive parts and physical and chemical technology, which combines the non enzymatic hydrolysis process, water solubility process and biodegradation process. The rapidly growing Asian economy is driving the continuous growth of the consumption demand for ethylene propylene elastomer in this region. The company predicts that in the next five years, the average annual consumption growth rate of ethylene propylene elastomer in China will be 11%, which will increase from 240000 tons in 2011 to 408000 tons in 2016. The consumption of ethylene propylene elastomer in India will increase at an average annual rate of 10%. As the largest producer of ethylene propylene elastomer in the world, the average annual growth rate of demand in the United States is 3%. Driven by the rapid demand in Asia, the global demand for ethylene propylene elastomer will increase at an average annual rate of 5%, from 1.2 million tons in 2011 to 1.5 million tons in 2016

ormond, a senior analyst at IHS chemical company, said that as of the beginning of 2012, the global ethylene propylene elastomer production capacity was 1.3 million tons/year, and by 2016, the supply may be in short supply. In order to meet the growing demand, many large-scale projects will be built in the next five years, mainly in China and possibly in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia's basic industry is embodied in four aspects: cooperation, reconciliation, support and publicity; The preparation plan of the second stage industry plan is introduced in four aspects: "planned activities, timing of reserve projects, industry status and difficulties, and hpmp concept of the second stage". The company and ExxonMobil are currently building a special elastomer production project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, which is also the only production base in the Middle East at present, The production capacity is 400000 tons/year, and the products include ethylene propylene terpolymer rubber (EPDM) and so on. In addition, Belgium's Tessenderlo group recently announced the construction of a thermoplastic elastomer production plant in Changshu, China, to meet the growing demand of the Asian automotive industry

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