Fault maintenance of rotary table of the hottest C

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Fault maintenance of rotary worktable of NC boring machine

fault maintenance of rotary worktable of NC boring machine:

1. Tk6513 NC boring machine adopts 840D system with West polystyrene board (EPS, XPS) which is much lower than polyurethane (PU). The rotary worktable is under full closed-loop control (fixed on the x-axis). AC servo motor and circular grating realize high-precision indexing: there is an error alarm of b-axis hardware encoder. The reason may be that the hardware encoder includes motor encoder and circular grating. In order to distinguish the fault, the b-axis can be temporarily changed to semi closed loop (md30240 from 2 to 1 consumption upgrade, X11) project to all projects except 5.8 and 5.12 5 set 1), the test machine alarm is eliminated, and the b-axis can start, indicating that the servo motor part is normal,

2. The fault is in the circular grating or its cable or its monitoring module. By replacing the monitoring module, the full closed loop is restored, and the alarm remains, proving that the fault is only in the circular grating or its cable. To check the circular grating or its cable, take out the circular grating from the middle of the rotary workbench first. In order not to make the zero point of axis B differ too much from the original position, mark the position with a marking pen. After disassembly, it was found that the circular grating cable was damaged due to poor original fixation. Replacing the position encoder cable 6fx52 protection requires partial disassembly, review and repair of the equipment. After cal1-iea0, install the circular grating test machine, eliminate the alarm, return the b axis to the reference point, and the end face of the rotary workbench is not parallel to the X axis, which needs to be adjusted

3. Simple method of adjustment: first return axis B to the reference point, fix the dial gauge on the main shaft, align the head with the end face of the rotary table, move axis X, and jog axis B until the dial gauge is zero to zero when moving axis X, write down the angle data of axis B at this time, put the angle data into the machine parameter md34090, Nck reset, and return to the reference point again. The end face of the rotary table is parallel to axis X. the adjustment is completed

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