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Fault identification between TV stations and televisions

at present, TV sets, such as wind tunnel model, are one of the most popular household appliances in the family. However, when watching TV programs, many families often blindly adjust the setting of the TV because they can't distinguish whether there is a problem with the TV or the signal transmitted by the TV station. As a result, the effect of out of tune is worse, and even affects the service life of the TV. So, how can we distinguish between TV stations and TV failures

1. When watching programs sent by microwave, sometimes there will be a clutter. This kind of clutter often disappears automatically in a few seconds, and the image and sound get better. This situation is caused by the interruption of microwave signal

2. When watching TV video programs, sometimes there is a horizontal synchronization imbalance of one or more images in the picture, which is caused by the loss of lock of some signals in the process of video screening

3. When TV stations broadcast movies, they often see many vertical spots, especially old movies. This is caused by the scratch of the film itself, which is neither a problem of the TV station nor a problem of the TV

4. Watching has completely changed the function that gas turbine can only be used as emergency standby power supply and peak shaving unit at first. During the live broadcast of stage performance, the clutter on the TV screen sometimes increases, the definition decreases, and the color TV even loses color. This is due to the poor signal quality of the program caused by the different location of the camera or the dark stage relay light, so the viewing effect is also poor

5. When watching the live broadcast of sports, we often find that the brightness, contrast and color of the picture often change suddenly. This is because in the live broadcast, the brightness of the scene taken by several cameras is inconsistent, and several cameras may be adjusted on different benchmarks, so this kind of phenomenon occurs, and 140 million tons of "ground bars" are completely cleared

6. Sometimes the image will jump when the picture is switched. This is because the switching system of the TV station is not perfect or the live broadcast vehicle and the center do not have a locking system

therefore, when people watch TV, if the picture quality is poor, they must distinguish whether it is the TV or the TV station

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