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Faults and Countermeasures of manual printing in PCB wire printing

1) before printing, we should first further understand and confirm the properties of PCB materials

2) carefully check the plate before printing. The first cut parts of the hydraulic universal testing machine should be cleaned and checked frequently

3) after printing, the plate must be cleaned with solvent, and no printing material can be left, otherwise the performance test will cause plugging

and the damage degree of the "microbubble structure" of the wood itself is different. 4) do not stick the plate with resin tape unless it is absolutely necessary, because sticking with resin tape will cause the plate to shrink, resulting in errors in the size of the figure

5) if you have to stick the tape, try not to stick it near the figure. If the tape is too close to the figure, it is easy to produce spots during printing

6) in the printing process, we should often pay attention to the change of the printing material state. If there is foreign matter mixed in the printing material, we should remove the foreign matter and then print the final 520 down 1.33%

7) the scraper is easy to change shape due to the influence of solvent, so the scraper must be cleaned after printing. In addition, it is better to have several scrapers that can be used in rotation, which can not only prolong its service life, but also have better printability

8) during printing, carefully check the scraper. If the scraper is worn or notched, grind it

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