Faults that may be caused by poor wetting liquid

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Faults that may be caused by poor wetting liquid

discomfort of wetting liquid

excessive or excessive concentration of wetting liquid is likely to damage the basis of graphics and text. Especially through ink emulsification, the wetting liquid will enter the ink layer, which is more likely to affect the ink properties, even block the drying speed of the print, and induce chain printing faults, such as sticking the back of the product. Therefore, when printing, the supply of wetting liquid should be minimized to maintain the ink balance of the layout; The appropriate wetting solution concentration should be adjusted according to the printing characteristics and conditions

printing plate imprinting change (2) whether the relative advance return difference of the static torque indication is shallow in the subsequent verification

when the acidity of the wetting solution is too strong, it will corrode the plate and reduce the graphic density of the plate. For this, the wetting solution should be diluted with water or added with neutral salts such as ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate to control the pH value between 3.8 and 4.5

blank part of the layout 5 With the function of holding force, there is dirt phenomenon

when the wetting liquid of the layout is too weak, but the acidity of the environmental medium is still too weak, the hydrophilic film is damaged, causing the occurrence of dirty version failure, which can improve the acidity of the wetting liquid, that is, appropriately reduce the pH value of the wetting liquid

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