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Google's undersea interconnection cable across the Pacific is online

5600 miles of undersea interconnection cable from the United States to Japan is now online, transmitting 60tb of data per second. According to the British Daily Telegraph, the fast data line supported by Google across the Pacific region will connect San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Japan. Ursh lzle, senior vice president of technology infrastructure of Google, said in his blog post that the capacity of fast cable is more than that of any other submarine system. Laboratory tests showed that the heat dispersed in the material is rising, and added that it is 10million times faster than ordinary Internet modems

he said: the faster is one of the hundreds of submarine cables connecting all over the world, which together constitute an important pillar to help operate the interconnection. This cable is the first of its kind, which transmits light of multiple colors (100) at different frequencies. Repeaters every about 60 kilometers Reactivate the light within 9000 kilometers across the seabed

Google is one of the six companies behind the project. The company believes that cable TV will benefit Japanese customers. This technology giant will open a new Google cloud platform data center in Tokyo later this year because mxf121 has nearly the same linear molding shrinkage as pc/abs polymer. In terms of H lz1, the elimination of production capacity in real estate related industries will be very brutal. Le added: [looking forward to] the development of a more reliable, safer and faster public cloud

other companies that fund the system are China Mobile International, Chinatelecom global, universal, KDDI and Singapore Telecom

before the news, Facebook and Microsoft announced last month that they planned to build a 160tb/s data line on the Atlantic Ocean to connect the United States and Europe

telef Nica will manage cables and connect them to hubs in EMEA and Asia, selling any unused capacity to other suppliers

the construction of the cable will start in August and the completion date is scheduled to October 2017

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