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Talking about micro blog marketing, printers can also do a micro blog control

speaking of micro blog, we may feel that it is like what just happened yesterday, but in fact, its fire has gone beyond people's initial imagination, and even beyond previous blogs. As a new medium, Weibo seems to easily win the hearts of millions of people. Sending Weibo in the morning is not a rare thing. Of course, under the attention of many, it will inevitably become a new opportunity for network marketing

Weibo marketing is a new online marketing method. I remember that I saw Sina and a real estate company jointly launch a house grabbing activity a few days ago. As long as I registered Sina Weibo, forwarded Weibo according to the requirements of the organizer, and listened to the organizer, I had the opportunity to win a house provided by the developer for free. The activity attracted tens of thousands of friends to respond positively at the beginning. Of course, the house is just a gimmick. The real significance lies in that the developer has received hundreds of thousands or even millions of listeners. It not only makes friends across the country know the developer in one day, but also makes them become their loyal fans. Compared with the advertising costs invested in radio, television and newspapers, the cost of a house is indeed much smaller. Why not? We may be tired of seeing the commonly used promotion methods, but Weibo marketing, a new marketing method, seems to be of great interest to us, which is why it can succeed quickly

in another case, on January 1 this year, sun Taoran, President of lakala, posted on his microblog. From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., anyone who forwarded or commented on this microblog could apply for a mini lakala with a deposit of 200 yuan. Through searching, we can easily find that the price of mini lacala on Taobao is 399 yuan. Compared with this, the use of a deposit of 200 yuan is naturally attractive. Therefore, more than 4000 bloggers applied to pay the deposit and received Mini lacala within 15 hours after sun Taoran sent out his microblog. Facing the achievements of Weibo marketing, sun Taoran couldn't help cheering Sina Weibo's power. Although friends applied for 4000 trials, which did not really complete the sales of 4000 units, it really surprised us in terms of marketing effect. After all, the sales data of lacala in the official flagship store of Taobao Mall showed 1778 units. In addition to publishing management experience, life insights or entrepreneurial experiences, the biggest feature of enterprise bosses' microblogs is that they can quickly release company information through microblogs, so that more people can understand the company's dynamics at the first time, so as to better serve the company's marketing. Sun Taoran's sales volume of mini lacala exceeded Taobao's sales record within 15 hours through Weibo marketing. Obviously, the success was remarkable, but the success was not limited to that. The author logged on Tencent Weibo and found that sun Taoran's Weibo audience was as high as 42264, which showed that more than 40000 friends would see sun Taoran's relevant information about brakala through Weibo. Compared with the cost of advertising and publicity, Weibo obviously prevailed

is it advisable to have the same successful experience in the printing industry? Let's get more orders from the enterprise and make a simple analysis

compared with products such as houses, cars or iPads, which everyone is more willing to interact, microblogging marketing in the printing industry is indeed quite difficult, but it is not completely infeasible. The author registered Tencent Weibo and found that there were as many as 1200 users named printing, and 83136 broadcasts with the words printed. But looking at it carefully, we hope to help you. It seems that you regard Weibo as a place for advertising. Usually, you write advertising words such as business card production, graphic design, CAD drawing, color printing, advertising production, etc. Select ADC0809 chip It is a CMOS data collection device, but even so, how many people saw this message? To do a good job in micro blog marketing in the printing industry, we must first solve the audience problem. No matter how attractive the information released is, no one cares! How to accumulate the audience? The author summarizes the following points:

1. Establish your own circle of friends. The safety belt tension testing machine is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries

Jingdong Lao Liu, Shi Yuzhu, Hua Jun and other microblogging bosses are familiar to everyone. The bosses posted their own life trends and the latest development of the company through Weibo and computer, which has attracted a lot of popularity for the company, What about the bosses of our printing industry? Establishing its own microblogging circle in the printing industry is the first step to success

2. Organize promotional activities

there is an audience base, and the next thing we need to do is to organize interactive activities. The author gives two examples on the second point

example 1: if you are a printer manufacturer, you can launch: draw lucky listeners on Weibo and get the right to use the printer for free

example 2: if you are a consumables supplier, you can launch: consumables trial activity

Weibo was probably a platform for networking and entertainment at the beginning of its establishment, but today, we gradually find that it can also be used for our daily work, and entertainment Weibo can also give consideration to work

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