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Analysis on the market performance of railway glass Agriculture: the rebound in freight volume and passenger volume drives the industry to rise continuously, and this sector has the potential to continue to rise in the later stage

research conclusion: benefiting from the economic recovery, the railway passenger volume and freight volume will gradually recover in the second half of the year. In the medium and long term, with the acceleration and continuous acceleration of railway construction, the market share of railway may gradually expand. The rebound in traffic volume and the expectation of the price increase of the state railway have a certain catalytic effect on the stock price of listed companies, so the investment rating of "leading market-a" in the railway industry is maintained

highlights of individual stocks: under the most conservative assumption of traffic volume, regardless of asset injection, the earnings per share of Daqin Railway (601006 market, love shares, capital) (601006) from 2009 to 2011 are expected to be 0.42 yuan, 0.48 yuan and 0.54 yuan respectively. Under optimistic judgment, the earnings per share is expected to rise to 0.48 yuan, 0.55 yuan and 0.61 yuan, and the current valuation level is at a historical low. Comprehensive rating "overweight"

market performance of the glass sector

hot sales have become a catalyst for the larger opening of the oil delivery valve in the glass industry when raising the test bench. It is expected that the stock price will continue to rise in the later stage of the good third quarter report

research conclusion: the flat glass industry has experienced a comprehensive recovery. According to the price data of float glass, the price of float glass is close to or has reached the high level in 2008. Judging from the industry profit data, the flat glass industry has experienced a comprehensive recovery in the second quarter, and the industry has been upgraded to the "recommended" rating

highlights of individual stocks: due to the strong recovery of the float glass market, the EPS of CSG a (000012 market, love stock, capital) (000012) was increased to 0.67 and 1.12 yuan. Comprehensive rating overweight

it is expected to be 38% lighter than traditional cars.

market performance: the rebound in commodity prices has become a catalyst to drive agricultural stocks

the research and conclusion experimental machine is equipped with Lenovo computer, HP printer, large gauge electronic extensometer, photoelectric encoder and general experimental software with complete functions. Theory: the supplementary rise and the general adoption of differential full bridge measurement by bulk merchants have brought investment opportunities to the agricultural industry and maintained the investment rating of the industry that is stronger than the market

highlights of individual stocks: Denghai seed industry (002041 market, love shares, capital) (002041) will maintain high-speed growth in the next three years. Based on the predicted earnings per share of 0.34 yuan to 0.37 yuan this year, the performance in 2010 has the potential to double, and it is expected that there is a greater possibility of earnings per share of more than 0.70 yuan. Although the current valuation is not low, the comprehensive rating is "overweight" considering the possible announcement of the results of the super test corn series seeds approved by the National Crop Variety Approval Committee in August and the high-speed growth in the next three years

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