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Google has released a new plan: it will further promote Android in Asia. On June 30, Beijing time, in order to strengthen its competitiveness with apple and Nokia, Google has released a series of new plans to win the support of application developers, and plans to promote its operating system to cheap markets in China and India

Google plans to promote its Android mobile operating system in India and China, and actively seek the support of application software developers, so that they can make greater profits from application software, so as to strengthen the competition with apple and Nokia

Andy Rubin, vice president of Google engineering, said in an interview that in order to attract developers to develop application software for Android operating system, Google may provide some tools to help developers use the application software on to sell services, virtual goods and other goods

Google also plans to apply its Android operating system to the cheap products produced by Huawei and LG Electronics. Rubin said, "the opportunity of low-end market will come soon, which is actually a huge change."

android operating system is part of Google's mobile strategy. Google hopes that its software can be applied to more mobile devices and open up new revenue sources for the company beyond the main revenue generating channel of advertising sales. According to Gartner, a market research organization, the entire mobile advertising market will grow from less than $1billion last year to $13.5 billion by 2013

at present, Google lags behind apple in the field of mobile application development. Mobile applications have gradually become a new platform for advertising sales, and mobile applications also help to promote the sales of mobile devices. There are about 65000 supporting applications for Android system, less than one third of Apple's supporting applications. The total number of supporting applications for Apple's iPhone OS system has reached 200000. Development of Android

Google will actively take measures to accelerate the development of Android. Google said that after opening up new markets such as South Korea, the daily activation number of Android devices will increase from 100000 in May to 160000 in June, which will be most beneficial to the molding of plastic parts. 69% of Android sold in the first quarter were sold in the United States. Gartner predicts that Android system will surpass Apple iPhone OS system to become the second most popular mobile operating system in the world in 2012. The first one will be renovated and protected in two or three years. It is the Symbian operating system supported by Nokia

Google will also provide more incentive services for application software developers. It is trying to make developers get higher profits from the software they develop, such as making the payment mechanism and sales service mechanism in the application software easier. Consumers can buy new game levels, virtual props, monthly services and digital magazines. Apple has added similar features to the iPhone in 2009

android application software developers mainly make profits by placing advertisements in the application software or charging consumers a one-time fee. This makes it difficult for them to obtain the same income as Apple's application software developers. According to futuresource consulting, a market research organization, consumers will spend $4.4 billion on app downloads this year, of which at least 77% of the revenue will flow to Apple's app store. Android Market will generate about 9% of revenue. Natalie Harrison, a spokesman for apple, did not comment

although many companies, such as PayPal of eBay, have provided Android developers with built-in payment tools for application software, Rubin said that the whole process is complex because the built-in payment tools for application software need to process transactions of multiple companies. Osama bedier, vice president of PayPal, said that thousands of developers have downloaded the built-in tool of application software since it was released on May 19. Most developers come from China

help manufacturers

rubin said, Google will also help Huawei in China and L "Polyurethane adhesives are mainly used in automobiles for windshield, lights, filter elements, interior ceilings and other aspects. G electronics and other manufacturers develop cheaper Android intelligence. Huawei is the largest wireless equipment manufacturer in China. It launched four Android and one tablet computer based on Android system in February this year.

many other relatively small Chinese manufacturers have a share of about 10% in the global supply market, and they will also adopt and The Android operating system hopes to seize market share by taking advantage of low price. Many of these manufacturers rely on Taiwan Ruili technology. The chips supplied by Ruili technology are widely used in very cheap ones, which are mainly sold to Asia, Africa and South America. Google said it had joined the Open Handset Alliance, which mainly promotes the Android operating system. Gartner analyst Carolina milanesi said that operators paid the lowest cost for each device based on Ruili technology chip, and the quality and efficiency improved significantly by only $70. At present, operators pay about $200 for the cheapest Android, while they pay only about $170 for cheap Symbian

with cheaper access to the market, more and more operators will provide consumers with devices free of charge. That will actively promote the popularization and application of Android operating system, especially in emerging markets such as India and China. That will help Android challenge Nokia. Although Nokia has a small share in the U.S. market, it is still a well deserved leading manufacturer in the global market. Milanesi said, "with the development of Android, Nokia is definitely the most stressed manufacturer."

in the first quarter of this year, about 41% of the intelligence sold in the global market adopted Symbian operating system. About 16% use Apple's operating system, and about 10% run Android

Nokia said that it has enough brands and products to maintain its market share in Europe and Asia. Laurie Armstrong, a spokesman for Nokia, said, "Nokia has developed many localization solutions consisting of cheap and application software, which are designed and customized completely according to the specific needs of customers in emerging markets." Sadie

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