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Goravt mining will use 100000 ton cargo ships to transport bauxite. Goravt mining company, one of Turkey's major bauxite producers, plans to use 100000 ton cargo ships to transport bauxite to China, a source of the company said. They transported 30000 DWT cargo ships to Europe

"to the Chinese market, we plan to use 100000 ton cargo ships to transport through a large port," the source said, and revealed that the port is 200 kilometers away from their mine. They plan to transport about 100000 tons of bauxite to China every two months

servo controller is an important link in the universal experimental tensile machine

the company's annual bauxite production capacity is 600000 tons, and the production in August is about 50000 tons, which is higher than its 30000 tons in July. Currently, it holds about 80000 tons of inventory

as an emerging bauxite producer, the company mainly produces high-grade bauxite Al2O3 56%min SiO2 4%max

at present, the European brand of Turkish bauxite A is more historical. The price of L2O3 53%min SiO2 7%max is US dollars, and it is stable, including the early dial hydraulic universal testing machine and the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine at the beginning of this month. The demand for high-grade bauxite in the Chinese market will rise by 3. 5% in the fourth quarter The invoked standard will increase before winter, when domestic consumers will increase their inventories due to the shortage of domestic bauxite supply

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