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Google will cooperate with Huawei and LG to promote low price Android

in the morning of July 5 Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Google is planning to promote Android system in China and India, and explore new ways to help developers earn more revenue through Android applications. This move will make the competition between Google, apple and Nokia more intense

Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google, said that in order to attract developers to develop applications for Android, Google may launch new tools to help developers attract users to order and sell virtual items in applications. In addition, Google hopes to cooperate with Huawei and LG to launch low-cost Android in parts of Asia and Europe to challenge Nokia. Rubin said, "opportunities in the low-end market are coming. This will bring change."

Google hopes to adopt more Android systems, which will promote the development of Google's main advertising business. According to Gartner, the market value of mobile advertising market will increase to 13.5 billion US dollars from less than 1billion US dollars last year by 2013

in the field of mobile applications, Google lags behind apple. Android currently has about 65000 apps, less than 1/3 of Apple's app store. However, Google is taking steps to promote Android. Through the promotion in new markets such as South Korea, the daily activation of Android increased from 100000 in May to 160000 in June. However, most Android sales still come from the U.S. market

Gartner predicts that Android will surpass Apple's IOS and become the second most popular mobile operating system in the world in 2012. Attention should be paid to strengthening the product security department and building a mobile operating system, second only to Nokia's Symbian. Rubin said that in order to attract more developers who have less market awareness of aerogel gel materials, Google will also provide simpler payment methods for Android applications, which will also cause large costs in the late protection of and

at present, most Android developers still make money by building advertisements in applications, which makes the income level of Android developers lower than that of Apple developers. Futuresource consulting, a consulting firm, predicts that global consumers will spend $4.4 billion to download apps this year, of which Apple App store will get 77% of them, while Google Android Market will get only 9%

Rubin said that eBay's paypal and other services have supported payment within Android apps, but dealing with multiple companies has increased the complexity. Osama bedier, vice president of PayPal, said that PayPal has been downloaded by more than 1000 developers since it began providing in app payment tools on May 19, most of them from China

Huawei launched four Android and tablet devices in February this year, and some smaller Chinese manufacturers are gradually introducing Android system. MediaTek, which provides chips for low cost, has also joined the open alliance led by Google

Gartner analyst Carolina milanesi said that the price of MediaTek based solutions will be as low as $70, while the cheapest Android still needs about $200

with more low prices entering the market, more operators will provide users with free services. This strategy will help Android seize market share from Nokia. Milanesi said, "with the development of Android, Nokia will be the most under pressure among the major manufacturers." Sina Technology ()

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