The hottest Google will release cloud backup tools

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Google will release the cloud backup tool backup and sync at the end of the month>

backup and sync will replace the Google drive program on consumers' desktops. Users can check the data they want to back up and continuously back up to Google drive in the cloud. In addition, enterprise users of G suite will also release the cloud backup tool drive file stream this year

google plans to release the cloud backup tool backup and sync for consumers on June 28, which can be used to back up files and photos on users' computers. It is expected to replace the existing Google drive program told by Chen Weidong on PCs and Macs

according to Google, backup and sync will become the latest version of Google drive program. Google has not revealed the complete function of backup and sync, but only showed the interface of the program, showing that it allows users to check the arguable content to be backed up, such as desktops, documents and photos, and then continuously back up to Google drive in the cloud

the current practice is to require users to move the files to be backed up to the folder of Google drive program, which will be linked to Google drive in the cloud, and the file modifications made on the desktop will be synchronized to the cloud

backup and sync is mainly designed for ordinary users. Another backup tool prepared by Google for enterprise customers is drive file stream, which allows users to directly access enterprise data on the cloud. It is expected to be deployed to all G suite versions this year

therefore, although Google plans to automatically upgrade the drive program to backup and sync at the end of June, this upgrade will not extend to enterprise users of the drive program. Google also suggests that enterprise users should maintain the drive program on their computers until the drive file stream is officially launched

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