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Google sandelpichai: artificial intelligence and security are the company's priority development goals

Google calls itself a "modern enterprise company" whose main business is "information". The company said its Google cloud aims to efficiently receive, organize and utilize information

Google CEO Sundar Pichai praised the company's in-depth research on artificial intelligence and its help to health care services

he said: "We have seen incredible space in the field of artificial intelligence, especially in the medical field. Artificial intelligence is helping doctors predict diseases, and even predict the probability of a patient's heart attack or stroke. We will provide you with high-quality equipment here. As we all know, for the world, the development prospect of artificial intelligence is broad. We are also rethinking and building our products, and adhere to giving priority to the use of artificial intelligence."

the company tried to eliminate any concerns arising from security considerations, and said that all levels of cloud services have adopted high-level data encryption technology for security protection

Diane green, head of cloud services, said: "In the future, we will deeply study the field of artificial intelligence and security, which is the field of heavy investment by Google. Why? Because security is our primary concern, and artificial intelligence is our biggest development opportunity. We have set up security at all levels of our business. In March, we announced 20 new security products, and this week we will announce another 10 new security products and services."

at the conference, the company also announced several updates to the daily operation of the stress tester for Google cloud applications and services

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