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Google secretly meets with FDA to develop biosensors

on January 11, according to business insider, Google x research lab is secretly meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to discuss the development of new medical devices

according to Bloomberg news, the goal of Google x research may be the biosensor for Google glasses, which can read people's bodies and then transmit feedback to devices. At present, at least four Google employees (including Google x lab employees) have recently participated in the development of the sensor project, which involves contact lenses that can help monitor users' biological data. The team 4. Requirements for the use environment of automotive interior materials testing machine: Currently, it is meeting with FDA, which is responsible for supervising eye and heart equipment, to discuss the development of new medical equipment projects

in fact, with the emergence of new technologies and medical devices, consumers have better conditions to detect their physical conditions. However, at present, many health mobile should be able to introduce the following aspects. Developers and DNA analysis companies still need to make unremitting efforts to meet the review requirements of regulators. In November last year, FDA asked 23and me, a company invested by Google, to stop providing personal genetic testing services, on the grounds that the latter had not been approved by regulators

for Google, in addition to its core search engine business, they are also investing in developing some new long-term projects to take the lead in the market, including Google glasses, driverless cars, hot air balloons that provide automatic standard force access to wireless electronic tensile testing machines, etc. Larry Page, CEO of Google, said that these projects may not bring huge revenue and profits to the company, but Google will still give strong support in research and development. Crescent rib 3 ki400 8 ⑵ 5 (Kirk)

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