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Google Schmidt: Android can replace credit cards

on November 16, Beijing time, Google CEO Schmidt attended the Web 2.0 summit today, and he was interviewed by John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly

first question: Butler said that recent reports said that Google might launch new devices. Schmidt said, "we don't have manufacturing equipment", and he believed that Google only launched the operating system. He then showed an unpublished one with near-field communication. You can also use "tap and pay" in instead of credit cards

second question: what else should Android fix that these vehicle designs can meet the requirements of top standards? Schmidt believes that the iPhone does a good job in some aspects of the closed system. People will compare andorid with iPhone. The next focus will be on the application level. The first is quantity, which is the digital basis of the platform. Schmidt believes that Android will become a leading platform, even if not the most leading

third question: how to search for the best application? Schmidt said he was trying to do better. He believes that people are too addicted to the competition pattern, and what they should really think about is how big the "universe" will become

here are some brief facts:

Butler asked Schmidt some questions about "Google's new device" at the beginning

Schmidt responded: we have no manufacturing equipment

Butler said: a new software driven device

Schmidt said: I have a device that has not been released. So he showed an andorid, which looks like the legendary nexus 2/nexus s

Butler asked: can you use it to pay

Schmidt said: Yes. The industry term is "tap and pay". You can take it to the business to provide a solution store for the large-scale production of Paek (poly (aryl ether ketone) composites in the commercial aerospace industry, and no longer use credit cards

Butler asked: now there are a large number of credit cards, Amazon has many, will this change the game

Schmidt said: we think we are technology providers, rather than competing with others

O'Reilly: you pay, others do, will you cooperate with them

Schmidt said: Yes

O'Reilly: but do you have Google checkout

Schmidt said: that's only part

Butler then talked about search: what are the advantages of search over applications? Ten samples can only succeed for about one and a half.

Schmidt said: I don't agree with this method. People are always obsessed with the competitive landscape, rather than focusing on the entire market

Butler: what's the difference between business and operator? What's the difference between T, kg, N, kn, G, LB method? Jobs' iPhone is right on this point. I don't want your stuff on my iPhone

Schmidt: partially agree. There are open and closed systems. We let manufacturers make things, and we think this is the right model. He avoided this

Butler: when you closed the store, you said you would not push new ones

Schmidt: I'm talking about not pushing nexus 2

Butler: how about the current talent environment? Recently, your salary has been increased

Schmidt: the salary was raised as early as the spring

Butler: how to maintain a good entrepreneurial culture

Schmidt: we recruit hundreds of people every week, and the report that Google has lost talent is groundless

Butler: are you ready to launch social products to compete with Facebook

Schmidt: because of the stubborn concept of competition, everything we do seems competitive. I would rather answer this question like this: I agree that social information is very important, especially its name value graph. This link structure is very valuable. As long as you allow your information to be used, it is very useful in search

O'Reilly: location is a very important part of mobility. You recently changed Marissa Mayer to a new position...

Schmidt: she was promoted

O'Reilly: is that more important

Schmidt: of course. Google maps is doing well. It changed the world

O'Reilly: of course, as long as you install Google maps in it, you won't get lost

Q: what is the next $1billion business for Google

Schmidt: the next one is obviously the display advertising business

ask: chrome, Android, I'm a little confused

Schmidt: andorid seems to need more touch, while Chrome is about keyboard. Sohu it

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