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The golden autumn season is another season of marriage climax. Recently, Miss Li, who has received many happy candies in succession, found a strange phenomenon while sharing her friend's wedding bliss. The happy candy box looks very beautiful, but when I opened it, I found that there are many "three no" products, and I didn't dare to put them in my mouth at all

handing out wedding candy is an indispensable part of Chinese wedding customs. However, in recent years, in order to leave a good impression on guests, many newcomers have taken great pains in the packaging of happy candy, and even the box is more expensive than sugar. Recently, I visited several Xi shops in Hangzhou and found that the quality of Xi Tang was worrying

half of a bag of happy candy has no products

happy candy again! Cheers came from an office building on the stadium road in Hangzhou. Miss Li, a white-collar worker, saw a box of happy candies packed in small flower baskets sent by her colleagues on the table. This package is really cute. It's more interesting than Xiao Zhang's wedding candy last time

this is Miss Li's fifth wedding candy in two months. There are all kinds of candy boxes on her desk. There are small red handbags, printed square boxes, and small houses

the candy box looks more and more beautiful, but the sugar in it is less and less, and some boxes don't dare to eat the sugar at all. Miss Li said that the packages of happy candy received now were more and more beautiful, but the sugar poured out of the box disappointed her again and again

some of the bags are made of non branded sugar, which tastes bad. Even the last time I ate Dove chocolate, the large order return of Chinese plastic extruder enterprises seems to be fake. Miss Li said gloomily

pick up one of the happy candy boxes with six sweets. At first glance, the packaging of the happy candy is really exquisite and pleasing. But when the box was opened, the candy poured out was disappointing. In addition to the joy candy of dove and Yake brands, the packaging of other sweets is very poor. There are even no ingredients, manufacturer, production date, quality certificate and other information on the packaging of two sweets. There is a fruit candy that has melted more than half and has been deformed

10. Clean the mixer at the end of work. The wedding candy wholesale box is more expensive than sugar.

I learned that the number of wedding banquet tables is often dozens, and the demand for wedding candy is also large. Many newcomers go to the wholesale market to buy wedding candy

the day before yesterday, I came to Hangzhou Qianjiang commodity market, which is the first choice for many newcomers to buy sugar. Before entering the shop, I saw a dazzling array of happy candy gift boxes hanging all over the wall

the proprietress of a happy candy shop pointed to the happy candy box on the shelf and said: this half of the box is free, and the other boxes need more money if you want it. According to the direction pointed by the boss, the gift box she said is not only old-fashioned, but also the hard paper used to make the sugar box feels soft, and there are only twoorthree styles to choose from. Compared with these free boxes, the happy candy box charged on the other side is unforgettable

this wire flower basket costs 1.5 yuan, that brocade bag costs 2.5 yuan, this big cardboard box costs 3 yuan, and there are 5 yuan. The prices are different. Said the landlady

according to the landlady, happy candy boxes can be selected according to customers' preferences, while happy candy can be selected according to the price borne by customers' psychology. If you want to match 3 yuan of sugar, you can match it well. If the price is high, you can match a little better sugar, and if the price is low, you can only match a little worse sugar. The cheapest candy I've ever prepared here is a box of 90 cents, and the quantity is also 6. However, the guest chose 1.5 yuan for the box, which looked good

the proprietress said that young people today like fresh pictures. It doesn't matter what sugar they add. What matters is that the box is innovative. The more novel, but Ray Gibbs explained: "The improvement in material processing has begun to pay off, and the boxes are selling better. It is not uncommon for boxes to be more expensive than sugar. The price of sugar in our happy candy stores is almost the same, and the key is to rely on beautiful boxes to win business.

miscellaneous candy flooded the happy candy market.

we turned to several happy candy stores and saw that there are many brands of candy, such as Yake, good neighbors and other relatively affordable domestic brands, as well as dove, yikoulan and ah Famous brand candies such as alpis have become the main choice for people to package happy candies

although the golden candy box looks good, the sugar in it is not as expensive as that in the purple box. Miss Chen, a clerk who was packing happy candy, thought she was coming to buy happy candy, so she hurriedly opened the wrapped order happy candy for reference

Miss Chen said that Baoxi sugar can be mixed with miscellaneous brand sugar and 4. Screw brand sugar that regularly checks the jaw, which can save at least 1 yuan

however, the quality of some happy candies is somewhat worrying. I saw that the package of soft candy in a happy candy shop was full of drops of water. Look carefully at some brightly packed sugars, but I can't find the manufacturer, ingredients, production date and other information. Sanwu candy accounts for half of the happy candy market

Miss Chen said that if there is any surplus when buying happy candy in this store, it can be returned. Returned sugar shops can continue to sell

it is a traditional custom in China to choose and buy wedding candy.

wedding candy is a gift. But now businesses and citizens are paying more and more attention to the outer packaging of wedding candy, ignoring its inner real edible candy. Eating happy candy is like watching a happy candy box

during the investigation and visit, it was found that the phenomenon of "three no sugar" mixed with "happy candy" market was relatively common, and even many happy candy boxes were more expensive than sugar. Among the newcomers surveyed, nearly half believed that as long as the packaging box of happy candy was festive and good-looking, the quality of the sugar inside was not very concerned. This view also provides convenience for some miscellaneous brands of "three no sugar" to sneak into the beautiful candy box

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