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Google version Samsung Galaxy S5 with dual navigation keys

news on July 3, 2014, it was reported last month that Samsung would launch the Google play version of Galaxy S5, which is pre installed with Google's native system. This is Google's unique customization of popular models. The previous message is that this version has been certified by Bluetooth. Recently, it was revealed that evleaks released the high-definition rendering of the machine

according to the pictures released by evleaks on its twitter account for the first time, the appearance is almost the same as that of the original Galaxy S5, but it is a little strange, because there are not only physical navigation keys on the way, but also the classic virtual navigation keys of the native system. The maximum limit stress that can be borne becomes the physical creep limit

Google PL reduces the scrap rate. The biggest difference between the ay Version (original version) and the original S5 is that there is no Samsung's own touchwiz UI user experience, that is, Samsung's unique system design. At the same time, the implementation of these functions in the native version is also an unlocked version, not a customized version of any operator in the world

however, according to foreign media news, Google also showed pictures of Galaxy S5 exposed by evleaks on its Android official, so this rendering is likely to be true. Maybe dual navigation buttons are the charm of this model

however, in less than a day later, evleaks released a rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S5 version of Google play, but this time there was no virtual navigation button. It is speculated that the second picture is more authentic

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