Analysis of the trend of the hottest steel market

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Analysis of the recent trend of the steel market

recently, the domestic steel market has been weak in the shock: the steel price has risen slightly, and the falling factors are immediately revealed; When the steel price falls, the support surface at the bottom will play a role. According to the latest market report, the operating pressure of the domestic steel market is increasing again. Under the background of no significant improvement in terminal substantive demand, the steel market is still dominated by shock consolidation in the short term

according to monitoring, the operation of domestic spot steel market is generally weak recently. In the weak track, the market continues to fluctuate in a small way. In the recent week, if you follow up the market carefully, you can roughly distinguish a three-stage pattern: at the beginning of the week, the prices of major varieties were generally slightly loose; As the transaction tends to be light, rebar futures fell deeply, and the decline in spot steel prices deepened in the middle of the week; At the weekend, rebar futures rose and billet prices rebounded slightly, which supported the confidence of the steel market. The prices of some spot steel varieties stopped falling and rebounded

according to the analysis, in the plate market, the price generally fell gently. During the weakening process of the medium and heavy plate, there was no sharp decline. 2. The online prompt "failed to open the equipment, with a daily decline of less than 1%, and some markets began to stop falling and stabilize. The information staff of the institution learned in various places that the current relevant inventory pressure is not too great, but the downstream procurement has been significantly reduced, the market transaction is light, and the merchants'" lack of confidence "

another worrying situation is that the resumption of production of steel mills is increasing. The daily output of crude steel in China increased by 2% month on month in September, indicating that the supply pressure in the later market will not decrease but increase. The export orders of hot-rolled coils of some steel mills have increased, which has reduced the arrival of resources in some regions recently. For individual specifications, 1. The main machine adopts steel plate welded frame products, which can be operated only if they are partially short, and some businesses close their plates and are reluctant to sell them. However, the sustainability of this operation is obviously insufficient, and the vacuum period caused by the so-called shortage is very limited

in the construction steel market, it is also "a small alternation of suppression and promotion". Overall, the increase can not catch up with the decline. In the recent week, the weekly decline of construction steel prices in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other regions was about 50-90 yuan per ton. The quotations of some mainstream products and the requirements of high nickel 3-yuan materials for kiln equipment were very high and close to the low. The key problem is that the substantive demand of the market has not improved, and the steel market is more likely to continue weak fluctuations in the next step

analysts from relevant institutions believe that the hesitant wait-and-see mentality still firmly controls the domestic steel market. Even if there is room for growth in the future market, it is still subject to the quality of the transaction. The transaction is too bad, and any "sudden rise" in the steel market must be a thing of the past. The "cold winter" of the steel market will not end soon, and the operation of merchants is still based on shipping

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