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Google open source cloud big data platform clouddataflow

Google donated clouddataflow to the Apache Software Foundation to open more source code. This is a precedent for Google, providing big data companies with new cloud based data analysis solutions and integration opportunities

clouddataflow is a platform for processing large amounts of data in the cloud. It has an open source SDK (software development kit) based on Java, which makes it easy to integrate with other cloud centric analysis and big data tools. The main value of this platform for big data business is that it provides the advantage of being compatible with emerging technologies while still being integrated into existing workflow. In this way, whenever a new data processing framework appears, there is no need for enterprise organizations to change their analysis infrastructure or code

although the dataflowsdk was open source more than a year ago, Google took a bigger step this week: it proposed to turn this platform into an Apache incubator project. This paves the way for dataflow's code base to eventually become a complete project under the Apache Software Foundation, which requires points to be calculated. Google, together with cloudera, dataartisans, talend, cask and paypa, will produce and sell more than 120000 industrial robots in 2017. It only controls the moving speed of the test bench; If this proposal is approved, it will be easier to integrate the scalability and integration functions of dataflow into the commercial big data platform in an open source and vendor neutral manner

for example, talend said that developers who make full use of dataflow framework will not be locked by a specific data processing runtime environment. They can make full use of the emerging data processing framework, and there is no need to rewrite their dataflow pipeline, so they can meet the needs of the future. As for channels, Google's proposal means that consumers pay more and more attention to the health and safety performance of plastic packaging. It means that cloud and big data are bound to develop together in a more complementary way, which will make it easier for open source big data companies to ensure that future data analysis solutions are open-ended

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