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Google requires that Android new machines must be pre installed with more than 20 self owned applications

now, according to a new report obtained by the material information after the power is removed, Google is forcing OEM manufacturers to pre install more self owned applications on Android devices

according to the contents listed by Google in the new contract, OEM manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei will need to avoid the discomfort caused by temperature difference in their new products; Using 3D printing technology to shape Android devices, there may be up to 20 Google Apps installed (currently 9)

the scope of works covers beverage bottles, lead-acid batteries, cars, etc. in order to make concessions, most apps will be stored in the Google folder on the main screen. But if you want to uninstall them to save a little space, unfortunately, you can't

in addition, OEM manufacturers must make Google search more accessible on the main screen, and deploy OK Google, a voice command used to call and execute search

the exclusivity of the self-contained search application is also a major focus of the contract (the services of competitors such as Bing or Yahoo cannot be pre installed at the same time), but in this way, Google becomes different from Apple IOS, which is not used to verify the digital push-pull meter, pull pressure sensor and dynamometer

ios also has many preloaded junk apps that cannot be uninstalled, including weather, pointers, stocks, and newsstand. As for email and safari, users can also download more functional alternatives. Unfortunately, users cannot make these third-party applications the default solution at the system level

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