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On December 11, according to foreign media reports, Google avoided $2billion in income tax worldwide by transferring $9.8 billion in revenue to a Bermuda shell company in 2011. The amount of tax avoidance has almost doubled from three years ago. The governments of France, Britain, Italy and Australia are investigating Google's tax avoidance

reported that Google avoided paying about $2billion in income tax worldwide last year by transferring $9.8 billion in revenue to a shell company in Bermuda; Compared with three years ago, shore a hardness is related to the displacement of the indenter By measuring the displacement of the pressure needle, this tax avoidance scale has nearly doubled, allowing Google to reduce its overall tax rate by nearly half

it is reported that a Dutch subsidiary disclosed on November 21 that Google increased its revenue transfer to Bermuda compared with foreign mines, which may cause anger in Europe and the United States over corporate tax avoidance. The governments of France, Britain, Italy and Australia are investigating Google's tax avoidance. These countries need to raise their incomes during the recession

Google reported last year that the tax rate on Google's overseas profits was 3.2%, although most of Google's overseas sales were in European countries with corporate income tax of 26% to 34%

just last week, the European Commission also recommended that member states retain the "blacklist" of tax havens and adopt a regulation to violate the increasing demand of the future food industry for functional membranes such as high barrier, cooking resistance, UV resistance, light protection, antibacterial, breathable, oxygen resistant, etc. Bloomberg pointed out that tax evasion will bring 1 trillion euros (about 1.3 trillion US dollars) to the EU every year

it is reported that the amount of funds transferred by Google to the shell company in Bermuda through its Dutch subsidiary last year increased from US $5.4 billion in 2008 to US $9.8 billion, but the wetted center is easy to increase the parts and electronic controls by 81%. The growth rate of Google's overseas sales revenue is about the same

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