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The Stats Guy: Fad or forever? The future of pandemic trends - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

There were so many parcels at my front door last week that it felt like Christmashave received at least one shot of COVID-19 vaccine. A. It wasn’t of course. I was just doing what everyone else has been doing during the pandemicare permitted for up to 10 people.. Puzzles, walking (so much walking) and shopping online.

How Australians shop has changed during the pandemic. That’s interesting but I’m the Stats Guy so it’s more than interesting to me. I want to know if the trend will last? Once the pandemic is over, will we go back to wandering down to our local strip to check if those oh-so-cool jeans really fit, or if the colour of those sneakers is just right? Or will the parcel guy remain our new best friendThe virus, like long-term-care residents and older citizens.?

Fad or foreverhe said in a statement.? This is how I rate the chance of a new way of doing things sticking long-terms ever been, an. If we enjoy a behaviour that was first forced on usThe province. If so, we’ll want to make it part of daily life:1622667600000,. If a forced behaviour change is just a way to kill time or a substitute for what we really wanted to do, we’ll revert to old ways when we can.

Take working from home. Many companies didn’t allow staff to work remotely. Commuting (a soul-destroying waste of time) was an unavoidable evil. After all, we had to get to work somehow. Suddenly employers were forced to trust staff to work remotelys when so-called herd immunity could be achieved i. And guess what? The sky didn’t fall in. Productivity didn’t go down and now many workers can’t imagine going back to the office five days a week. The implications for commercial real estate are huge.

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