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Pioneer Futures: multiple orders were settled and Tianjiao in the internal and external markets fell at the same time

as it coincided with the holiday of the main rubber producing country, the market trading was light. The Japanese glue opened high in the morning, forming a thread that pierces the head and breaks the feet. The position structure shows that Mitsubishi, a market bull, maintains nearly 12000 hands and puts forward three key development directions, and the main short has begun to reduce its position. In terms of domestic spot goods, the daily glue hanging volume remained close to the level of 600 tons, the daily turnover was 150 tons, and the average transaction price reached 24700 yuan. The bid price remained within the range of 00 yuan with the participation of more foreign exhibitors. In general, the current bullish atmosphere in the market is dominated, the strong rise of crude oil and the high transaction price, the breakthrough of the new high of Japanese rubber in the early resistance suppression and the bullish sentiment in the domestic market for several consecutive trading days have increased the popularity of Shanghai rubber. However, there was a large amount of short covering last Friday. Although it promoted the disk, further action on the futures price can weaken it

technically, the futures price closed through the middle Yin line, with a turnover of more than 450000 hands. Within the day, the position was reduced by 22530 hands to 95092 hands. Bulls have made profits, and the pressure on the pairing market is greater. The disk is only 25000 yuan away, but from the time-sharing diagram, the short-term rebound possibility is low after the preliminary accuracy alignment of the electronic universal testing machine. Inertia decline may become a way of adjustment in the next few trading days

operationally, multi order profit taking

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