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Decorating a house is like carving a piece of art. It's likely that the shape you spend a lot of time and energy carving out is not so popular. Today, our task is to find out what cannot be

decorating a house is like carving and grinding a work of art. It is likely that the appearance you spend a lot of time and energy carving out is not so popular. Our task today is to find out those “ You can't ” The decoration style can not only reduce the decoration expenditure, but also keep the house young forever

1. The lights that cannot be used in decoration are sparkling

maybe it is the pursuit of luxury. Large and exaggerated hanging crystal lights are used in many home spaces. When the vision focuses on the crystal lamp, you will feel that you have arrived at a five-star hotel, but the living room is only a few dozen square meters, but you should often clean the bright side of the crystal lamp. If you don't often clean it, you can simply sell it at a good price in the garage market. Some people also choose colored light bands. Maybe they want to increase the atmosphere during the Spring Festival, but how many times a year do they have shiny festivals? So these are completely unnecessary decorations

2. Natural marble that cannot be used for decoration

marble will release radon, which may cause cancer. At the same time, “ Least worth ” The reason is also that the cost of natural marble is more expensive. If you like the pattern of marble, you can use imitation tiles launched by some brands, or even imitation jade tiles, which can fully meet the needs of consumers

3. Decoration cannot be required. The whole city is full of suspended ceilings

the existence of suspended ceilings is because there are many wiring on the roof, especially in special spaces such as kitchen and bathroom. It is easier to change the wiring on the roof, which needs to be covered with beautiful suspended ceilings. In addition to the necessary suspended ceilings, some people will have suspended ceilings in the dining room, living room and bedroom, full of gorgeous plaster lines, which are superfluous. In the bathroom, the gypsum board ceiling should be avoided as far as possible, even in different areas where the dry and wet parts are separated, mildew and deformation will also be caused

4. Decoration can't be the most dazzling KTV

luxury soft bag style or KTV style refers to wrapping soft bags in every corner of the home and outside the wall. Although the soft bag has the function of sound insulation and noise reduction, and it also gives people a sense of comfort, excessive packaging will scatter the visual focus in the home, cause pollution due to the accumulation of materials, aggravate the danger of flammability of the cloth, and also waste man hours and money. Therefore, all soft bags at home are the least valuable. If you have to set up a shape, it is recommended to simply create it with decorative paintings and hanging paintings

5. Decoration cannot require thousands of lights

when decorating, some people can't wait to install lights everywhere in their homes. So many colorful lights not only affect the beauty of the design, but also cause light pollution. If the unnecessary light is on, it will do some harm to the eyes. Desk lamps and simple chandeliers can be selected and installed in the functional area. Table lamps can meet the accuracy of lighting, not waste, easy to install, but also reduce light pollution





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