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If you don't know what it is to steal items and omit items, an image analogy is that if you haven't seen a watermelon, someone points to half a watermelon and says it's a watermelon. You want to buy it, and others say it's 10 yuan, but you pay 10 yuan and find it's only half a watermelon. If you want the whole melon, you have to pay 10 yuan more. The metaphor is a little stiff. Decoration is also true. You haven't experienced decoration, and you don't know what's going on. You point to your house and ask people, how much is my decoration? 10000 or so. You feel happy and inexpensive, but when you start the construction, you find that many things have not been done, so you have to pay more if you want to do them. Later, more and more things need to be done with more money. Then you suddenly realize that others used the trick of stealing and missing items. But in fact, it's too late to regret or hate a house for a lifetime. What is the low price cut in? It's easy to understand. Put it into the decoration, it is originally 100000 to decorate, and deliberately say 10000 or 20000 can be done. Use this method to let you sign an agreement, and then slowly slaughter it during the construction. Finally, you will understand that the promised 10000 or 20000 is actually a bait, specifically fishing for owners who like low prices and take advantage of them. The final decoration is much higher than 100000. This is the desire to cry without tears, this is the mute eating Coptis. The above is the past style of stealing items, omissions and low price entry (also known as the traditional sense), because too many owners have criticized it for too long. Those decoration institutions that often steal items, omissions and low price entry have begun to look for another secret weapon that can wipe out thousands of owners. Self improvement: stealing and missing items and cutting in at a low price

stealing and missing items can be established only when there is stealing and reduction; Low price cut in can only be established with high price. But if you don't steal or reduce, convince you that this is complete. For example, point to half a watermelon and say to someone who doesn't know it, it's half a watermelon; Tell the owners who don't understand the decoration that we didn't miss shoveling the wall. This really doesn't need shoveling. At this time, excuse me, does stealing and missing items and low price entry still exist? For people who don't know watermelon (decoration), they will certainly say that there is no problem with my home decoration (watermelon). Yes, half a watermelon is also a watermelon. Decoration without prevention is also decoration, but time is the best proof. For example, if the wall needs to be eradicated before applying putty, it is deliberately not eradicated, which is called stealing items and missing items and cutting in at a low price. However, this is not the case now, but to convince the owners with professional words that it is OK not to shovel plain ash, and they will never increase this money for you in the later stage, and the owners also believe it. As a result, the decoration organization did not have any additional items and money halfway. Something terrible happened. All low-cost cutting and stealing items and omissions do not exist, because you will not be paid halfway. The only terrible thing is that all construction processes have subtracted the items that must be done. The project quality after completion will inevitably have various problems in a short time. However, there are problems. This is the business of the owner. The decoration organization has earned what it should earn. It is necessary to wrangle and file a lawsuit, as long as it does not pay money. As a result, many owners are still immersed in the joy of low prices. Instead, they are thinking that if a plain gray wall must be shoveled, my family will not shovel it. How high is the waterproof? My family has made it 30 cm. As everyone knows, after the decoration, there are terrible quality hidden dangers everywhere in the new home, waiting for the opportunity to be exposed at any time. This is the reason why many decoration institutions that used to steal items and leak items and cut into professional households at low prices are now calling themselves gentlemen and promoting zero added items----- You said that we increased the money halfway and missed a lot of necessary projects. Now we don't increase the money and don't do the missed projects. We quoted 10000 or 20000 yuan, but we didn't add a penny at last. After the work was finished, who can see the surface that it's fishy. A few months after we get the full payment, even if the house falls down, it's our ass's business? There are still profits. The only thing we don't have is a conscience for the owners. The package has also hyped the game of zero additional items. There are no additional items behind it. Let it leak what should be missed. Find some owners who like to hide their ears and steal their bells, and the business will be very successful --- the decoration company will make money. It's just less than adding items, but it can correct their shameful history of stealing items, missing items and cutting in at low prices. I wonder if the owners understand? In the past, I was afraid of stealing items and missing items, and I was afraid of adding money halfway, but now a large number of stealing items and missing items, but there is no cost halfway. All the details that should be done are not done, and I don't earn money for adding items. But the owner didn't know anything and thought the decoration was perfect. This is like, you want to save money to buy a mobile phone only spent 300 yuan, but it broke down in only a week, so you buy a mobile phone for 300 yuan again, but it broke down again in a week. In fact, the truth is that there is nothing wrong with spending 1000 directly to buy a good mobile phone. But when you wake up, how much money will you spend? Like decoration, the owners don't understand or learn. They let the traditional media and businesses collude to follow. They didn't think about it. They just think that so and so is a big media. They must be right. They don't know that all businesses and media know it is a lie, and the only owners who believe it is the truth are those who don't know it. So, after decorating for 10000 or 20000 yuan and staying for a month or two, all kinds of problems have come out. It's more difficult for you to find the one who originally decorated you to repair. You have to find someone else to repair again. Finally, it costs another 20000 yuan to repair, which is equivalent to 40000 yuan. You just know later. You knew you could pack 40000 directly. Therefore, in the past, the owners were worried about stealing items and missing items and cutting in at a low price. Now they have to guard against a large number of stealing items and missing items, but in the later stage, they don't add any money and don't do anything missing, which is more terrible than adding money. At least it's immoral to steal items and omit items, and it's immoral to add money later, but doing it later at least ensures the quality of decoration. But now, if you don't add money, it's not a buy it now, but those missing items that ensure quality have been leaking. Owners must cheer up and study decoration well, don't think it is too difficult; Living is more difficult than anything. We don't live as hard as we can. Is it harder to decorate than to live? The decoration market is a super wonderful market. In the past, the decoration company quoted honestly, but later, the owner didn't know how to compare prices frantically. In order to survive, the decoration company can only steal items and omit items, cut in at a low price, and add later; Later, the owners only see who will pay more in the later stage, so they won't pay more in the later stage, but in order to compete at a low price, they can only save those crafts that should have been done. In addition, you can only shut down, while those companies with fraud, lies and despicable means will survive forever. Therefore, on the contrary, this market is better. Unless consumers are strongly guided, it will always be a vicious circle game





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