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There are many factors to be considered when choosing wallpaper, which can be selected according to the decoration style, as well as the material characteristics, room size, function or orientation

there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing wallpaper, which can be selected according to the decoration style, as well as the material characteristics, room size, function or orientation. However, when using it, we must pay attention to coordination, especially in the selection and collocation of colors and patterns:

1. Whether choosing wallpaper or wallpaper, we should mainly consider three aspects: flameproof, color Cleaning difficulty. In recent years, there are not a few wallpapers and wallcoverings with fire-proof materials, and some with insect proof, mildew proof and sound-absorbing materials, which are undoubtedly very important for consumers who want to improve the quality of their homes

2. The wall is the space with the largest area of decorative materials in the room. Therefore, the color system and patterns of wallpaper are the main direction of choice. Harmonious tones can convey the overall beauty, and the collocation of bright contrast will make the space lively and change

3. Whether it is easy to clean is another consideration when choosing wallpaper. The easy cleaning characteristics of wallpaper include dust prevention and water resistance. For example, users are more concerned about whether they can directly wipe the stains on the surface of the wallpaper with a wet rag

4. When choosing wallpaper, we must see whether it meets the standard of "limit of harmful substances in wallpaper of interior decoration materials". It is best to choose natural fiber wallpaper or full paper wallpaper; We should also consider the environmental protection performance of wallpaper adhesives and choose famous brand adhesives with guaranteed reputation, preferably water-based ones; Before pasting the wallpaper, the paint should also meet the environmental protection standards

5. What wallpaper is environmentally friendly? Environmental protection is the primary condition for choosing wallpaper. Wallpaper is divided into a variety of materials. Try not to choose PVC synthetic wallpaper in home decoration, because compared with natural wood paddle wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper and natural fabric wallpaper, the environmental protection performance of PVC synthetic wallpaper is worse, especially those that smell plastic. In addition, PVC synthetic wallpaper has poor air permeability, which is easy to curl and turn yellow after being pasted on the wall

6. What places are suitable for wallpaper? Wallpaper is suitable for the walls of the bedroom or living room, but not on the roof, because the roof is not easy to pave, and patterns and colors may cause depression. White matte emulsion paint is selected for the roof, which has a better brushing effect, and it is easy and convenient

7. How to match the overall style of the room? When choosing wallpaper, you should consider the whole. You may like the pattern and color of a certain wallpaper, but when it is spread in a large area, the effect may not be very good, or it is inconsistent with the overall style of the room and furniture. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper should start from the whole, first determine your favorite style, and then start from the color, pattern and characteristics of wallpaper, so that it varies from person to person and from room to room. Generally, wallpaper in different rooms should choose different colors and colors. When choosing wallpaper, you'd better prepare some color cards. At the same time, you must get your favorite wallpaper 1 meter away from the backlight to find a feeling. When choosing wallpaper, try to choose matte color wallpaper

8. Buy wallpaper without paying attention to supporting accessories. When choosing wallpaper, you should also know the use functions of base film (for wall back sealing), glue powder and glue paste, which will directly affect the construction quality and later effect of wallpaper. If you don't want to hurt your brain for after-sales, then we suggest that you must not choose unknown auxiliary materials)





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