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The dressing table is an indispensable furniture for most female bedrooms. Female friends can make up and maintain on the dressing table every day to make themselves look more youthful and beautiful. At the same time, it also has a very good decorative effect, which is very practical. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a small family dresser and how to place the dresser in the bedroom? Let's introduce it to you in this article

precautions for purchasing small family dressers

1. Quality of dressers

when purchasing small family dressers, we first need to look at the quality of the dresser. We can smell whether the dresser has a pungent smell. If there is a pungent smell too heavy, don't buy it. At the same time, we also need to look at its certificate of conformity and check whether its quality is firm

2. The appearance of the dressing table

at present, the appearance style of the small family dressing table is also diverse. When choosing, we finally choose the dressing table that is coordinated with the style of the bedroom. At the same time, it is best to choose the dressing table with paint treatment on the surface, so that it is more convenient for us to clean daily

3. The size of the dressing table

usually the height of the small family type dressing table is 70 to 75cm, while the table is 40cm wide and 100cm long. Generally, this size is suitable for placing items and making it more convenient for people to make up. But when we buy, we'd better buy it according to the space size and usage habits, otherwise it will cause inconvenience to people

the mirror of the dressing table

the mirror of the dressing table also needs to be paid attention to in our purchase. We'd better buy a folded mirror. This kind of mirror can let people see their faces clearly from the perspective of reform, which is very suitable for makeup

how to place the dressing table in the bedroom

1. Consider the brightness

the dressing table in the bedroom is best placed in a place with sufficient light in the bedroom, so that the light will be brighter and the mood will be more pleasant in dressing

2. Connect with the wardrobe

we can put the dresser and the wardrobe together and connect them together. Taking the dresser table as an extension of the wardrobe is a very space-saving method, and the dresser can also be placed in the middle of the wardrobe

3. Connect with the bedside table

the dresser can also be connected with the bedside table, and then keep the orientation of the dresser parallel and consistent with the orientation of the bed, which will form a coordinated and balanced geomantic magnetic field for the indoor space

article summary: the above is the relevant introduction about the precautions for the purchase of small family dressers and how to place the dressers in the bedroom. I hope to provide you with some help in the purchase of dressers. If you have other related needs, please pay attention to the information




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