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Let technology and love go together: ruijieluo won the "2017 Brand Award"

on January 29, the seventh China public welfare festival was held in Beijing. Ruijieluo won the 2017 brand award with its brand reputation and good reputation of actively undertaking the society

China public welfare Festival is the first festival jointly initiated by the mass media. Since its establishment in 2011, as a witness of public welfare behavior and a disseminator of public welfare spirit, it has become the most influential annual public welfare activity in China. This public welfare Festival pays special attention to public welfare innovation in the context of the new era, focusing on those who turn public welfare into a force to promote social progress. In this selection, the enterprises were strictly evaluated by means of comprehensive nomination and recommendation and review by the jury, and finally the 2017 brand award was selected

ruijieluo has won the public welfare related awards for the fourth time, including the best public welfare practice award in 2013, the best brand award in 2014 and 2015, and the brand award in 2017. As a sensitive enterprise, ruijieluo has always consciously participated in the field of charity and public welfare, and has been making unremitting efforts in highlighting the enterprise, giving back to the society and serving the public

positive public energy from enterprises

the predecessor of Ruijie public welfare fund is Ruijie love fund, which was originally designed to help colleagues in difficulties through difficulties. With the continuous improvement of Ruijie's enterprise influence, Ruijie people with a stronger and stronger sense of society have also crossed the river from north to south, penetrated into all walks of life, and merged their views and feelings of poor areas and vulnerable groups into more specific actions. To this end, the company officially registered and established Ruijie public welfare foundation in Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, and launched the public welfare assistance of Ya'an disaster relief in the same year

over the years, Ruijie has been persisting in various forms of public welfare projects, such as baby home, public welfare education, disaster relief, love marathon, etc., and continuously delivering Ruijie's positive public welfare energy

science and technology do public welfare, and public welfare in education

as the first brand of education network, ruijieluo has paid close attention to the development of education since its inception. The loading speed valve shall be manually controlled to control the rising speed of the piston (the speed and safety valve are in one body). Looking back, ruijieluo starts from the campus and connects the world. Therefore, science and technology do public welfare, and public welfare in education is one of the public welfare concepts that ruijieluo has been adhering to

after 18 years of rooted education, Ruijie took the lead in launching one industry-leading innovative solution after another, taking it as its own responsibility to promote education informatization and balanced development of education. Now, Ruijie education informatization solution has been widely used in more than 2900 colleges and universities, more than 3400 vocational schools, more than 50000 Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, more than 600 education metropolitan areas, and more than 700 school to school connections across the country. The project covers all provinces, including nearly 150 national poverty-stricken counties

on the other hand, ruijieluo has devoted a lot of efforts to the public welfare activities related to the qb3809 (1) 999 education in the inner door of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has organized a variety of activities, such as loving student aid, poverty relief teaching assistants, shortage 2, equipped with tensile attachments (fastener anti sliding test, tensile damage test, change stiffness test) and tightening attachments (base compression test) to complete the training of relative experimental talents. Whether it is the donation of scholarships, scholarships and love materials, or the IT training skills guidance and professional practice provided by Ruijie university to college students over the years, Ruijie is fulfilling its public welfare commitment to accompany you in learning, promote educational equity and make changes happen

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