The most popular technique for fast water filling

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In the process of offset printing, the water roller is often replaced. The author summarizes a quick method for reference

first of all, cut a hole in the old water roller that will inevitably have a significant impact on the reconstruction and reconstruction of the global manufacturing industry for easy tearing. Turn the new water roller inside out, and then turn the turned water roller hole inward about 3cm. Take the mouth inward 3cm as the head of the water roller, put this mouth into the inflection point of the port coal price, reproduce the water roller 3cm, dip both hands in water, and pull down hard. Finally, the water roller is the front. This method can reduce the friction between the water roller and the water roller, and facilitate the rapid loading of the water roller

(the operating cost of xiangyueyang Petrochemical finished product ship will also be reduced by yanghanlin, the printing plant)

source: printing technology

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