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Jahc is a set of highly reliable unattended system independently developed by jahc after years of technology accumulation and combined with industry needs. The system can monitor and control the running status of the equipment in real time when the equipment is unattended for a long time. After continuous technical optimization and function upgrading, the technical team of Jiehe technology has further upgraded the original functions of the system and launched the version of jahc3.0, which can help users realize the system functions such as app remote control, local remote switch on and off

jahc technology is an active hardware control technology that is independent of the original hardware system through the programmable operation of MCU. The load sensor converts the force signal into an electrical signal and transmits it to the measurement system. It can realize the functions of external RTC such as regular startup, automatic restart after shutdown, automatic startup after power on and infrared remote control

on the basis of the original functions, the jahc3.0 version has added an app client operating terminal. Through the operating interface, managers can view the login status of the device, the running, offline, repair and abnormal status, and set the scheduled startup and shutdown time of the device. The app client operator is not only conducive to the unified management of batch equipment, saving equipment maintenance and detection time, but also able to control the running status of equipment in real time, which can effectively eliminate unexpected costs caused by accidental or other uncontrollable events

jahc3.0 client device status monitoring interface

function 1: local remote switching on/off

jahc3.0 version realizes the remote switching on/off function of all devices in the local area. In the same local area, it can centrally and uniformly manage all hardware devices in different areas and floors, and control the switching on/off status of devices in real time

jahc3.0 system architecture diagram

function 2: RTC timing switch on/off

when MCU receives the RTC timer startup command, it will send a signal to control the motherboard startup, avoiding the defect that the motherboard cannot be started through software under abnormal conditions. The system operates independently with simple settings and is not affected by various host states. The system can be programmable and customized according to customer needs

schematic diagram of remote switch function

function 3: automatic restart after downtime

os system regularly sends data packets to MCU to monitor whether the equipment operates normally. If the operation is abnormal and MCU does not receive data, it will send a restart signal to the motherboard

schematic diagram of shutdown and restart function

function 4 use these resources to manufacture engine exhaust purification materials: power on and start up automatically

after the equipment is powered on, MCU will judge the operation status of the motherboard and monitor whether the equipment is started normally. If the motherboard is found to start abnormally, it will Send a signal to control the motherboard to start up again, so as to ensure that the equipment can realize 100% failure triggering without the service life of the tape

schematic diagram of power on automatic startup function

function 5: infrared remote control

can be specially programmed according to customer needs

infrared remote control function schematic diagram

jahc3.0's remote on-off control function can not only help users reduce the labor cost of equipment management and the on-off time of equipment, but also effectively avoid the loss and waste of resources caused by improper equipment management and maintenance. At the same time, jahc3.0 system can also be well applied to harsh working environments, such as factories, outdoor communication equipment, computer rooms, etc. in addition, the system can also be widely used in hotels, education, financial institutions and other industries

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